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Vegetarian Links in the United Kingdom

The Bible Sabbath Association UK, does not promote vegetarian food. These links are provided in the public interest.

Vegetarian Food and Shopping UK

Cruelty Free Shopping - Buy your cruelty free products in the UK, sponsored by the Dr Hadwen Trust.

Redwood Food Company Buy your vegetarian food online from this UK company.

Forest Foods - Delivers Vegetarian Food around the Manchester, Nottingham, Debyshire, Yorkshire and Chester areas.

Smithfield Wines - Selection of vegetarian wines approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Withy Kitchen - Specialists in Frozen Vegetarian and Vegan meals. Great pre-cooked meals to order.

Vegan Shoes - Vegan, Kosher shoes.

Arbonne Skincare Products - Certified Vegan health care products.

Lux-Verbi Books - An Adventist business selling books, ONLINE SHOPPING


Vegetarian Restaurants UK

Demuths - Bath's only Vegetarian Restaurant

Veggie Heaven - Customer reviews of 204 Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in the UK.

Vegetarian Restaurants Directory - Vegetarian dining directory of approved establishments by the Vegetarian Society.

Happy Cow - Directory of UK approved Vegetarian Restaurants. They also have a worldwide listing.

Veg Dining - Approved Vegetarian Restaurants available worldwide.

Vegetarian Directory in UK

Christian Vegetarian Society UK - A group of Christians promoting the awareness of Vegetarianism in the community.

FreeRangers - Animal free shoes, and clothing which is approved by the Vegan Society.

Vegan Society - UK Society providing useful information. There is an online shop on the site.

Vegetarian Society - The UK site provides articles, information on living the vegetarian way of life.

Vegefood Seventh Day Adventists sell their own Vegetarian foods. For UK sales contact: 01476 591700 or 01476 539900.


Jewish Veg - Information for Jews who are vegetarian.

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