The Mayte Quinn

Some of these articles(marked *) were previously published in the

UK-based  fanzine "The Interactive Experience"    between 1994 and 1996.
  Others (marked *) were posted to the excellent  PPML in the  late 1990s ,
and one article (*) appeared in Uptown  magazine in 2000.
Hi. Welcome to my page, devoted to all things Princely and Symbolic.
 Collected here are all the articles I have written on that tiny genius they used to call Prince,
subjects ranging from music and tours to dress sense and the madness that surrounds his mystique.
 See if you agree with me or am I just talking symbolics.
I'd love to hear your feedback: Email me at
              (  The name of my page in "The Interactive Experience" fanzine was  called
  "The Mayte Quinn" , a pun on the 1960's song by Manfred  Mann  called  "The Mighty Quinn". )



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