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San Jose de Buenavista, Antique, Philippines.


San Jose is the capital town in the province of Antique on Panay Island. Located in the West Visayas. Has fantastic views on the west coast to watch sunsets on the beach.


According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 48,261 people in 9,639 households.

It is an exciting and vibrant town full of mobile phone fascia shops.


Getting there: San Jose de Buenavista is accessible from Manila by boat or by plane via (Evelio Javier Airport) and from other major cities in the country through Iloilo City by road. It's a two-hour ride from Iloilo by choice from various buses, taxis or mini buses. One can also take a longer route via Kalibo passing through the Northern Municipalities of Antique. Beautiful scenic country views on route.

96km west from Iloilo (roughly 2-3 hours travelling). 150 Pesos bus trip, or 1800 Pesos Taxi from Iloilo. You can fly their direct from Manila via



Other Information About San Jose



San Jose is politically subdivided into 28 barangays.

  • Atabay

  • Badiang

  • Barangay 1 (Pob.)

  • Barangay 2 (Pob.)

  • Barangay 3 (Pob.)

  • Barangay 4 (Pob.)

  • Barangay 5 (Pob.)

  • Barangay 6 (Pob.)

  • Barangay 7 (Pob.)

  • Barangay 8 (Pob.)

  • Bariri

  • Bugarot (Catungan-Bugarot)

  • Cansadan (Cansadan-Tubudan)

  • Durog

  • Funda-Dalipe

  • Igbonglo

  • Inabasan

  • Madrangca

  • Magcalon

  • Malaiba

  • Maybato Norte

  • Maybato Sur

  • Mojon

  • Pantao

  • San Angel

  • San Fernando

  • San Pedro

  • Supa

The most commonly spoken language in the province of Antique is Hinaray-a.


Historical Background

In the middle of thirteenth century (year 1250), ten Bornean Datus and their wives, children, warriors servants and followers left Borneo and the cruelty, oppression and tyranny of Sultan Makatunao. They landed one day in December at Siriwagan, San Joaquin, Province of lloilo. After interrogating two Negritos, who were fishing, they were told that their leader, Chieftain Marikudo with his wife, Maniwantiwan were living in Sinugbo not far from the place. Then the Datus went downstream and found the Ati ruler. Negotiations were made and the ‘Barter of Panay" took place. Panay was bought in exchange for a gold salakot for Marikudo and a long, gold necklace for Maniwangtiwan. The other three datus sailed northward to Luzon, leaving the seven datus under the leadership of Datu Sumakwel.


Settlements after settlements were soon established from Malandog, which later spread outside of Malandog including Tubigon, now San Jose de Buenavista. A settlement was also established in Naganya (Egana). Barangay Odiong served as a water dock for boats of Malays coming from Malandog to eastern part of Hantique (Antique). To signal stopping and coming in of boats, the aduana (port) authorities made use of budyong or horns made from a carabao’s horn. The blowing of budyong took place at Telegrapo in Tubigon as this spot served as the signal and control tower. The rivers of Hantique (Antique) at that time were navigable, thus, the means of travel was by water.


The Spanish colonizers came to Hantique (Antique) in 1581 .With them came the Augustinian friars that Christianized the inhabitants who lived in Hamtic. They taught the people to believe in God and accept Christ as the Savior of the Roman Catholic faith. They built churches in Maybato, Asluman, Naganya (Egana) and Bugason (Bugasong).


There was no place called San Jose at that time. The place was called Tubigon* because it was under water. Tubigon was still a part of Hamtic and a "visita"of the church of Hamtic, meaning it has no parish priest of its own. The people went to Maybato to hear mass. The church was a big stone edifice, which gave the name "Maybato" to its vicinity. Moro pirates frequently plundered the shore of Hamtic and went as far as Maybato. These Moro pirates burned the church and took away the huge bell in the belfry. They had not gone far away from Mala-iba when their boat sank into the sea and in colloquial Spanish, Mala-iba means, ‘it had gone away", hence, the name of the place since then. It was in 1733 when San Jose, formerly called "Tubigon" was founded and in 1790, it acquired its land title through land grants issued by the then Governor-General Carlos Benequer de Marquina. Afterwards, it became a regular "curra"or parish having its first "curra paroco" or parish priest, Fr. Manuel Ibañes, OSA.


In 1872, San Jose became a town. Then in 1902, it was made the capital of the Province of Hantique (Antique). Government officials and church dignitaries came by boat to attend the ceremonies. Impressed by the marvelous view of the town, they added to the name San Jose, the word "de Buenavista," (meaning beautiful view) Hence, the present name, "San Jose de Buenavista."



Shops in San Jose


Cherry's Frozen Food Stores - Experts in prepared Frozen & Fresh Meats. Selling Dressed Chicken, Chorizo Pork, Chicken Tocino, Pork Tocino, Corned Beef, Embotido, Molo Balls, Winner hotdogs etc.


Lana Rose Hairdressing Salon - NEWLY OPENED - best hairdressers in San Jose!


Centillion Building - a small arcade with Computer stores / Internet cafe's / Hair dressers / a few food outlets.


City Square - Department Store.


Royalty - Local Supermarket.


San Jose Trade Town, Funda-Dalipe


San Jose Business Park


Gaisano Grand Mall Antique


Caltex Supermarket


  Mercury Drug

Restaurants in San Jose


Bondocs Viewing Deck - Bar and Restaurant: Great food, drinks, lovely staff, fantastic atmosphere and a breath taking view over looking San Jose town, port and beach. Kareoke bar in the downstairs section.


Regina's Restaurant - air conditioned restaurant, good food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere. Has Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, seafood and steak.






Places to Stay in San Jose


Binirayan Cottage - An English/Filipino lodge in a beautiful location in San Jose. The house is well air conditioned, and nicely decorated. The owners are very warm and welcoming. Highly recommended!


Camea Lodge - private swimming pool, beautiful views of sunset on the quieter part of the beach.


Marina Lodge -






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