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"Maybe, in the West, we'd delivered the death blows to the old doctrinal religions, the old monoliths of delusion, but that victory meant nothing at all. Because, taking their place now, everywhere, was the saccharine poison of spirituality." - Greg Egan, "Silver Fire"

Feature Articles

Holes at the Poles Holes at the Poles

Rob McElwaine is an occasional poster of crackpot notions on Usenet, but here's one that he backs up with photographic evidence. Can you really believe your eyes, or would a moment's thought have exploded a delusion?

Too Hot for God Too Hot for God

A regular on, John Boatwright, has been very excited by a graph of all the planets' surface temperatures. Is it a real proof of God, or just a load of hot air?

What is Scientology? What is Scientology?

So, what is this evil, manipulative "cult of greed and power"? UFO cult? Money making scam? Elaborate joke? Or a legitimate religion undergoing persecution by the authorities? Make up your own mind before their lawyers make it up for you.