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Offsite Articles

Several articles of mine have been accepted for publication in other journals and websites. These are linked below.


JSR184 Specification JSR184 Specification

As Superscape's representative on the experts' group, I was able to fulfil a role as one of the major contributors to this specification. I was also editor of the file format section. This specification won the award for Most Innovative J2ME JSR, awarded by the Java Community Process Executive Committee. September 2003

Atmel Applications Journal Atmel Applications Journal

An article submitted to AVRFreaks, and further developed by Eivind Andreas Sivertsen and Arild Rodland, was picked up by Atmel for the initial issue of their Applications Journal. Warning: registration and large download ahead.July 2003


Contributed several entries to the AVRFreaks FAQ, including questions on code porting, flags, random numbers, optimisation, and reducing power consumption.January - October 2002

Introduction to the STK500 Introduction to the STK500

A complete article about beginning development with AVR microcontrollers, using the STK500 evaluation board. Hosted by AVR community site AVRFreaks. December 2001

Towards More Realistic Sound in VRML [PDF]Realistic Sound in VRML

My first academic paper, published as part of the VRML 98 Conference Proceedings. The link above is to a mirror, since the official VRML website appears to have mislaid this document... February 1998

VRML Consortium Mailing List VRML Mailing List

During the time that our company, Superscape, was working within the VRML community, I contributed numerous observations and suggestions to the VRML mailing list. 1995-1998

Casio CZ101 MIDI Guide CZ101 MIDI guide

Originally a USENET article (before the Great Renaming, natch), now archived in several places., including the link above. Sometime in 1985

Book Reviews

Review of Teranesia Teranesia Review

A review of Greg Egan's book Teranesia, written for Amazon. September 1999

Review of The Blind Watchmaker Blind Watchmaker Review

A review of Richard Dawkins' book The Blind Watchmaker, written for Del Cotter's excellent exobiology site. October 1998


Discover Creation Discover Creation

Not exactly a bona fide offsite link, but World Of Dawkins refers back to the Discover Creation article on this site.February 1997


The Essential Role of the Church of EnglandChurch of England

My first contribution to the Internet Infidels' Agora section, which argues that the most important role of the Church of England is as an "inoculation" against more virulent forms of faith. Also referred to here.July 2003

Numerous contributions to USENET newsgroup (archived above by Google).1995-1999


Meteor Strike Meteor Strike

What should you do if a meteorite lands in your field? Read this and find out.September 1995