About the Glens: The Nine Glens of Antrim radiate outwards towards the Irish coast from the mountainous heartland of the county, cut through the black basalt by rivers and further gouged by ancient glaciers. Glenarm, Glencloy, Glenariff, Glenballyemon, Glencorp, Glanaan, Glendun, Glenshesk and Glentaisie - they lay within the old Celtic kingdom of Dal Riada which included North-Eastern Ulster and the Scottish Isles. The area was Gaelic-speaking until the early 20th Century. The Glens became famous for their natural beauty, the friendlines of the people and their cultural richness, particularly in the areas of music, dancing and sport. In modern times, the Glens have been made famous around the world through this song: "The Green Glens of Antrim" which you can listen to here, sung by the popular local entertainer Johnny MacRory. (Click Play Below)

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Far across yonder blue lies a true fairyland
With the sea rippling over the shingle and sand
Where the gay honeysuckle is luring the bee
And the green glens of Antrim are calling to me
Sure if only you knew how the lamp of the moon
Turns a blue Irish bay to a silver lagoon
You'd imagine the picture of heaven 'twould be
Where the green glens of Antrim are calling to me

Soon I hope to return to my own Cushendall
'Tis the one place for me that can outshine them all
Sure I know every stone, I recall tree
Where the green glens of Antrim are calling to me
I would call at a cabin close down by the shore
And I'd knock with my heart at that we cabin door
Where the sun showered gold in the lap of the sea
And the green glens of Antrim were welcoming me

'Tis alone my concern if the grandest surprise
Would be shining at me out of somebody's eyes
'Tis my private affair what my feelings would be
While the green glens of Antrim were welcoming me
But I'd be where the people were simple and kind
And among them the one who's been aye in my mind
Sure I'd pray that the world would in peace let me be
Where the green glens of Antrim are heaven to me

Composed by Kenneth North  © 1950 Carolin Music.
Published by Southern Music Publishing, 8 Denmark Street. London

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