The Nightingale CD

NEW RELEASE - Josephine Keegan on Piano

Josephine Keegan, from Mullaghbawn, Co. Armagh has gained world fame for her skills as traditional fiddler and accompanist. For many years she was the pianist who accompanied the great fiddler Sean Maguire. In the 1970's Sean Maguire and Joe Burke were recording in a Belfast studio with Josie Keegan on piano. With some extra studio time to fill, Josie recorded a selection of piano pieces on her own, but the tapes were lost for many years until Joe Burke re-discovered them recently. This is the publication of those "lost recordings"

J. Keegan - Nightingale CD

A great selection of lovely music played by Josie herself on piano. Here she lays bare the wonders of some ofour greatest musical gems including:
The Nightingale/Bee's Wing (Hornpipes)
The Honourable Thomas Burke (Carolan)
The Musical Bridge of Bellacorrick (Slow Air)
The Early Morn/The Lincoln (Hornpipes)
Carolan's Cup........ and many more


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