Cider and Perry Recipes

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This is a collection of cider and perry recipes contributed by participants on the UK-homebrew mailing list1 . You do not have to participate on the list to submit a recipe. Send your recipes to . All authors retain copyright to their own recipes. The recipe collection may be freely distributed for no charge, or for a charge covering the costs of printing alone, so long as the copyright notice is included in full.

The measures used in the recipes are UK (Imperial) unless otherwise stated. If no volume is stated, assume that the recipes are for 1 gallon, scale up as appropriate. A brief guide to how many apples or pears you need is that 20 pounds weight of fruit should yeild about 1 gallon of juice. In some of the recipes, the variety of apple or pear is not known. For many of us this is going to be the usual situation, so the recipes are included as a guide as to how people got on under these conditions. The yeasts are suggested - you can use ale or wild yeasts as preferred. If wild yeasts are used, omit the first step calling for Campden tablets. For detailed brewing guides, consult the cider making guide and the perry making guide.

Cider Recipes

Perry Recipes

Editor's Notes - June 2003
1. This mailing list no longer exists.

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