Gloucestershire Perry Pear Varieties


Gloucestershire is the most important area in England for perry pear growing. This is a list of the varieties of perry pear growing in Gloucestershire as identified by the National Fruit and Cider Institute in 1964.

       Arlingham Squash                 Boy Pear
       Barland                          Brandy
       Barnet                           Brown Bess
       Bartestree Squash                Brown Russet
       Bastard Longdon                  Butt
       Bastard Sack                     Cannock
       Billy Williams                   Chaceley Green
       Black Huffcap                    Claret
       Blacksmith                       Clipper Dick
       Blakeney Red                     Clusters
       Bloody Bastard                   Coppy
       Bosbury Scarlet                  Cowslip
       Dead Boy                         Forrest Pear
       Ducksbarn                        Gin
       Early Blet                       Golden Balls
       Early Griffin                    Goldings
       Early Hay Pear                   Grandfather Tum
       Early Longdon                    Green Horse
       Early Treacle                    Green Longdon
       Flakey Bark                      Gregg's Pit

       Hartpury Green                   High Pear
       Hastings                         Hillend Green
       Hatherley Squash                 Holmer
       Harley Gum                       Honey Knob
       Hellens Early                    Iron Sides
       Hellens Green                    Jenkin's Red
       Hendre Huffcap                   Judge Amphlett
       Heydon                           Knapper

       Late Hay Pear                    Newbridge
       Late Treacle                     New Meadow
       Lullam                           Oldfield
       Lumber                           Painted Lady
       Margaret                         Parsonage
       Merrylegs                        Pig Pear
       Moorcroft                        Pine
       Murrell                          Pint
       Nailer                           Potato Pear

       Red Huffcap                      Silver Pear
       Red Longdon                      Snake Pole
       Red Pear                         Speart Pear
       Rock                             Sow Pear
       Rumblers                         Staunton Squash
       Sack                             Stinking Bishop
       Sickle Pear                      Swan Egg

       Taynton Squash                   White Bache
       Teddington Green                 White Longdon
       Thorn                            Winnal's Longdon
       Thurston's Red                   Yellow Huffcap
       Tumper                           Young Heydon
       Turner's Barn

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