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The Real Cider & Perry Page

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The Real Cider & Perry Page

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The Real Cider and Perry Page



Welcome to the Real Cider and Perry Page!

The Real Cider & Perry Page contains a wealth of information about cider (made from apple juice) and perry (made from pear juice) - including:

UK Cider & Perry Makers

And plenty more! Just click on the menu at the top right of this page to select an option.

About The Real Cider & Perry Page

Well, first of all, a bit of background: one of the first and still most important Internet websites about real cider & perry - the original Real Cider & Perry Page - was created in the 1990s by cider and perry enthusiast Gillian Grafton. Gillian created and maintained the site herself until 1996, but due to pressure of work, she has been unable to maintain it since then. The result was that this valuable web resource for cider & perry enthusiasts has been allowed to become significantly out of date.

In 2003, Gillian was approached by Paul Gunningham of The Scrumpy User Guide (www.zider.co.uk) to ask what her future plans were for the Real Cider & Perry Page. As luck would have it, Gillian had been looking for a volunteer to take over the maintenance of the site, and guess who got the job?!

Initially, there were no plans to make any changes except those necessary to bring the site up to date. For example, the list of cidermakers was badly out of date as some have gone out of business, while others have opened. The current list of UK Cider & Perry Makers was produced to replace the original lists. As for the rest of the site, although there are some areas that still need updating, much of the content of the site is as valid today as when Gillian created it - there are no plans to change anything for change's sake.

We look forward to working on the site in the future to keep it at the forefront of cider & perry on the web - any input from visitors would be most welcome! If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact . Thanks for your help - Paul Gunningham

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The Real Cider & Perry Page was created by Gillian Grafton and is now edited and maintained by Paul Gunningham.
This page copyright © Paul Gunningham 2003-2004.
This page was last updated on 8th December 2005. If you have any comments please contact .

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