European Cider or Apple Organisations

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This document was compiled by Gillian Grafton and is for information only. It is as accurate as I can reasonably make it, but no liability is accepted. If you know of any organisations which should be added, please let me know.

Phone numbers are given in brackets where they are known.

France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland.


L'Association des Croqueurs de Pommes
BP 702, F-90020 Belfort Cedex.
Dedicated to the preservation of apple varities. Newsletter three times a year. Organises shows.

Association Pomologique de Normandie
J. Nicolas, Les4vents, 27930, Huest (33 32 34 17 01).
Collects Norman apple varieties and organises events annually.

The Association for the Preservation of Fruit Varities in the Bravons and Picard Regions
President - G. Toutain, 11 Grand Rue, Fontaine Lavaganne, F-60690 Marseille-en-Beauvaisis.
Collects cider and table apple varieties. Scions available to members.

Maison de la Pomme et de la Poire
Musée des Traditions et des Techniques Cidricoles, La Logeraie, 50720 Barenton (33 59 56 22).
Small fruit collection. Exhibitions on cider and calvados production. Organises tastings and sells produce (including French perry).

Pépinières Rhône/Alps
Route Nationale 75, F-01440 Viriat.
Commercial nursery with its own conservation orchard.

Société Pomologique du Berry
Mairie, F-36230 Neuvy-Saint-Sépulchre.
Conserves fruits from the region and has its own conservation orchard.

Etienne Dupont
14430 Victot-Pontfol, Pays d'Auge, Normandy (31 63 03 75).
Leader of the movement to award the appalation d'origine contrôlée for cider.

Musée du Calvados et des Métiers Anciens
Pére Magloire, Pont-Eveque, Normandy (31 64 12 87).
Exhibitions of cider and calvados production. Tastings and sales are available.


Centre d'Essais pour la Production Fruitière au Pays de Herve
Specialises in collecting old apple and pear varieties..

Station de Phytopathologie
Chemin de Liroux, B-5800 Gembloux
Trials rediscovered or previously unknown varieties, selling those of proven merit.

Vrij Tuinbouwinstituut
Collection open to the public.

De Nationale Boomgaardenstichting
Postbus 49, B-3500 Hasselt.
The Belgian National Orchard Foundation. Maintains several orchards around Belgium which are open to members. Publishes a quarterly newsletter - Pomologia (Boschelstraat 21, B-3724 Kortessem, Belgium); organises lectures, visits, courses, and an Autumn show during which a large range of fruits are on sale.


Institute fur Obstau
D-O 8057 Dresden Pillnitz, Pillnitzer Platz 2. (Director Prof. M.Fischer).
Fruit collection.

Prüfstation Wurzen des Bundessortenamtes
D-O 7250 Wurzen, Torgauer Strasse 100. (Director G. Wildenhain).
Fruit collection.

Pomologen - Verein e V
Chairman Gert Müller, Gothel 2, D-2847 Eydelstedt.
Has a collection of over 300 apple varieties. Aims to conserve old varieties of Germany and neigbouring countries. Issues a newsletter and a year book.


Instituto di Coltivazioni Arboree
Universita di Bologna.
Central co-ordination of collections at institutes and Universities throughout Italy.


Institut voor de Veredeling van Tuinbouwgewassen
Closed collection.

Proefstation voor Fruitteelt
Brugstraat 51, NL-4475 Wilhelminadorp.
Collection. Has public open days.

Noordelijke Pomologische, Vereniging
Secretary: C. Couvert, Sluisstraat 165, 9406 AX Assen (05920 55221).
Promotes the growing of fruits. Has initiated a collection and replanting programmes. Available for advice, produces workshops and a quarterly newsletter.


Nordic Genebank
Chairman Prof. I.Fernqvist, Box 41 S-23053, Alnarp.
Swedish national collection of all agricultural and garden plants.


Swiss Federla Research Station of Fruit Growing, Viticulture and Horticulture
CH-8820 Wädenswil.
Fruit collection.

President Dr. K. Stoll, Waisenhausstrasse 4, CH-8840 Wädenswil.
Aims to make an inventory of all ancient fruit varieties and to establish regional gene banks, to revive traditional ways of using fruits and to advise on the planting of orchards of standard trees. Members receive regular bulletins. Organises a large Autumn show.

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