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"The Camera & The Song" LP
LP cover


Various Artists

BBC Super Beeb BELP006

Release Date:1975

Track Listing:
Side 1 Side 2
Mountain Climber - The Fivepenny Piece 1 Backbreaker - GRIMMS
Boat Song - Leo O'Kelly & Sonny Condell (formerly Tir Na Nog) 2 Two White Horses - Leo O'Kelly & Sonny Condell
Paradise Flats - Alex Glasgow 3 All In A Day - Alex Glasgow
Michael In The Garden - Ralph McTell 4 For My Fathers - Harvey Andrews
The Apprentice's Song - The Ian Campbell Folk Group 5 Country Bus - Jake Thackray
Duw It's Hard - Max Boyce 6 Blackpool - Jeremy Taylor

Notes: This LP is a compilation of songs from the BBC2 TV series The Camera & The Song, broadcast in the early 1970s. The Fivepenny Piece found themselves in the illustrious company of some of the country's leading singers and songwriters - a measure of the esteem in which the team of Meeks & Radcliffe were held. Apart from Mountain Climber, the LP contains some fine tracks, including the lugubrious but humorous Yorkshire performer Jake Thackray; the brilliantly satirical Jeremy Taylor; one of England's finest songwriters Harvey Andrews; and Alex Glasgow, who conceived the programme with producer John Bird.

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