Sign up to NTLs freephone internet service requires a CD (printed on the cover is a pin number derived from your address) which can be ordered by phone on 0800 952 4343 or from their website Using the CD will install some NTL (gearbox) software, which can be a little flakey, so if you not a current NTL phone account holder and you have an old redundant computer available then you may wish to consider using it (with the CD) to register with NTLworld and then use the username/password produced to configure Turnpike on your current machine.
If you are a NTL phone account holders then you can sign up without using the CD (although one is still required for the pin and serial number) as follows: Open up "My Computer", click on "Dial up networking" and then on "Make new connection". You will be asked for a name for the new connection (NTLworld will do) and for a telephone number, enter 0800 5190150 then click finish. Next, right click on the NTLworld icon and choose properties. Click on the tab "server types", check and adjust the settings so that they show.....
Type of Dial up server = PPP:Internet, Windows NT server, Windows 98
All "Advanced options" unticked except Enable software compression.
All "Allowed network protocols" Unticked except TCP/IP
TCP/IP Settings:
Server assigned IP address...checked.
Server assigned name server addresses....checked.
Use IP header compression...unticked.
Use default gateway on remote...ticked.
Click on the NTLworld DUN connectiod you have just created and you will presented with a window requiring a username, type: p1autoreg and a password, type: 6661066 and click on "connect" When the connection is made, point your browser to and fill in your registration details as requested (you will still need the details from the CD sleeve). Note that at the end of the registration process a file "candy****" or similar is downloaded to your machine, resave it as a text file as it contains your account information then close the browser and delete the NTLworld DUN connectoid.

There is a ready made "NTLWorld.acc" script file kindly provided by Christine-Ann Martin available at or mirrored at Download and copy (unzip first if necessary) this file into your C:/Turnpike folder (other .acc files reside in the same folder). In Turnpike Connect click on the connect telephone icon to bring up the "Connect to the Internet" window, click on the downward pointing arrow and select Ntlworld. Turnpike will ask you for your domain ( should do) your dial up username, your dial up password and your organisation. After entering these details you will be shown the "Edit connection details" window, ensure that the correct telephone number is entered, click save and you are now ready to dial up to Ntlworld.
Note: if at any time you receive an "ntlworld. Free NOR-CVX1-C login failed to connect" error message then open the "Edit connection details" window and uncheck the "Use Turnpike Dialler" box.

If you have not previously configured Turnpike to use Ntlworld then proceed as "Pre-prepared Ntlworld script" above except that when you are shown the "Edit connection details" window click on the downward pointing arrow in the Modem section and select "Direct connection - no dialling". Note that this script sets "" as your news server, however there is a dedicated cable modem news server available, "" which you can use by making the appropiate changes in "Turnpike Connect Configure/news collection/edit.
If you are changing from a pre-existing Turnpike/Ntlworld dialup connection then simply open the "Connect to the Internet" window, select the Ntlworld connection, click on "Edit" then click on the downward pointing arrow in the Modem section and select "Direct connection - no dialling". The note above regarding the cable modem news server equally applies.


For Turnpike:
Domain Name:
Host Name:
Domain Name Server (DNS):
Timeserver: None
Outgoing mail server:
Pop3 mail server:
Pop3 mail username: As dial up.
Pop3 mail password: As dial up.
News server: [1]
Dial up username: *****
Dial up phone number (NTL): 0800 5190100
Dial up phone number (BT):1263 0800 5190100

[1] Note that ntlwords news server does not at present support the "NEWNEWS" command. To account for Turnpike Connect: click on Configure/News the NTLWorld news server entry, click "edit" and remove the tick from the "Use NEWNEWS commands" box.

For DUN connectoid
Server types tab:
Type of dial up server PPP windows 95 etc
Log onto network Unticked
Enable software compression Ticked
Require encrypted password Unticked
Require data encryption Unticked
Record a log file Unticked
NetBEUI Unticked
IPX/SPX Compatible Unticked
TCP/IP Ticked
TCP/IP Settings:
Server assigned IP address Yes
Specify an IP address No
IP Address Greyed out
Server assigned name address server No
Specify name server address Yes
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
Use IP header compression Unticked
Use default gateway Ticked

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