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Towcester Road Methodist Church is a family orientated Christian church, situated on the corner of Towcester Rd and Southampton Rd in the southern part of Northampton, England.
We have an open approach to worship which benefits greatly from the flexibility allowed by our ‘new’ Church premises. This allows worship ranging in style from traditional to contemporary.
We are blessed with a wealth of people, young and not so young, with the willingness and talent to help lead or take part in worship. The congregation is currently increasing in number and has a distinct multi national/ethnic flavour to it. Again this blesses Towcester Road with the experiences of the new people coming to join us.
Junior Church numbers remain stable, with small but steady increases in attendance.
Towcester Road is very much aware of the traditions and people involved in it’s past. But we also are looking forward to the future in an ever changing world. We continue to maintain a varied pattern of events and activities through the worship and groups meeting on our premises and, in September 2002 , we introduced a Youth Club meeting on Sunday evenings for the 13+. The Club was expanded in 2003 to provide a younger group meeting earlier in the evening.

Home Page

This site is still being developed so although you can now get a flavour of life at
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So please do come back - or if you would like more information now please feel
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