The whole Armour of God


Christians today come up against conflict both physical and spiritual but the Bible describes the Armour of God in book to the Ephesians and chapter 6.

This diagram illustrates the implications for each piece of armour.

Praying earnestly for guidance, assurance. To keep up-to-date you need to pray every day.
And be sustained by your prayers.

Helmet of Salvation
The centre of your thoughts should be protected. This shields your mind from evil thoughts. It's to assure Christians that when they are saved they stay saved. Don't let Satan make you have doubts about your Salvation.

Breastplate of righteousness
Protects the heart and keeps you upright. Blocks fiery darts of personal attacks. Defensive barrier for emotions.

Belt of Truth Holds your life together with truth. Christians should not deceive. Be honest and you will hold together.

Shield of faith protects you from fiery darts and attacks. As a group of soldiers are better protected the importance of fellowship can be shown.
Extinguish fiery darts. Move forwards in battle on the basis of faith.

Sword of spirit Being the word of God the Bible it is essential for you to know it like it is part of you. Use it to ward off attacks with the words scriptures. It encourages you and guides you, keeping you from yielding to temptations.

The word of the Lord is sharper than a two edges sword. Use the message in the Bible to cut unbelievers to the heart because of the message of God.

Prepared feet with shoes A readiness to move on. Always be prepared to defend Christians and witness the good news of Salvation. Be busy for God. Show your beliefs. Be equipped to testify for God boldly.