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Not my first attempt at building a web site, but it does help when you read the manuals that are included with the software.

After becoming interested in aviation in 2004, flight simulation seemed the next step.

After registering on a couple of the flight simulation forums it was time to load up FS9 and go flying.

It wasn’t easy at first, because as I explained in the first paragraph I am not the sort of person who enjoys reading manuals.

To say the first few months of my flight simulation career were chaotic would be an understatement.

Not wishing to give up on my new found hobby it was time to go back to the forums to do some reading.

Now in to my seventh year of simming I can report that my efforts at getting virtual aircraft off of the ground as well as back on the ground have improved considerably.

If you are having problems with your simming and you haven’t visited any of the forums, I would advise you to sign up. There is a wealth of knowledge out there from people who have years of experience.

There are loads of pay ware and freeware stuff you can add to your FS9 to make it more lifelike and I will go into these on this web site over the coming months.

All the images you see on the right are screen shots from FS9. The aircraft and scenery in these shots is a mixture of pay ware and freeware, all used to enhance the virtual FS9 world.








KLM Cargo 747-400

Project Opensky







Globespan 737-300

Fifty North







Atlas Air 747-400

Project Opensky