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If you want instantly long natural looking nails, then a full set of nail extensions is the answer. Nail extensions can be applied to any natural nail length, including the severe nail biter, although a more careful maintenance procedure needs to be adhered to for the first few weeks. I offer Gel and Acrylic Nail Extensions, both are very hard wearing, naural and flexible for the modern woman. They offer a seamless appearance and are long lasting with the correct maintenance. They take about 1 hour to apply, they can be left natural with a French Manicure look or painted with a Nail Varnish of your choice. I only use professional products, which I have been trained to use. The products I use are Star Nails, I personally feel that these are the best on the market and always produce excellent results, their product formula is non- lifting and non- yellowing, which perfect for that A list look.



Overlays are perfect if you are lucky enough to have natural long nails, but if you want to prevent them from breaking and peeling. A thin layer of either Gel or Acrylic can be applied to the natural nail, offering an instant hardner. This will prevent your nails from breaking and peeling, and allow you to grow them to the length you desire. Overlays also need to be maintained, approximately every 2-3 weeks with infills. Your nails can either be painted, with a colour of your choice, or left natural with a high gloss shine.


Infills and Backfills are required approximately evey 2-3 weeks once your Nail Extensions or Overlays have been applied. As your nails start to grow a gap appears at the cuticle and needs to be filled back in with either Gel or Acrylic. This keeps the nails looking natural and prevents them form breaking.


Nail Art can be applied to either your natural nail after a Manicure, Nail Extensions or your toe nails after a Pedicure. The cost varies depending on the design, and how many nails you have decorated.








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