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Previous poll resuts:
Does your Graphics card allow
you too see reflective water?
1.)  Nope, i dont have a Geforce 3 or higher 42%
2.)  Yep, Luckily! 25%
3.)  I have a card just as powerful as a Geforce 3, but can't get the same results 0%
4.)  I have a high textures, but no reflective water :-( 8%
5.)  I have a Geforce 4, and i still see nothing 8%
6.)  Something else 6%
7.)  None of the above, Something Different 8%
Date: D/M/Y: 10/5/03 UPDATES:
12/07/03 Due to the overwhelming lack of interest at all.
I'm seriously considering closing the site down,
even though its a few weeks old, the lack of
modding interest has been huge. Not sure
wether to keep the site going or not.
04/07/03 Added another new poll, i worked on Project;
Paleoveracity" a lttle more today. I recieved
an email today from JP:OG fan that has had
problems with his Geforce 4 card displaying
reflective water. Has any other JP:OG fans
had this problem as well? Contact me if you have.
There will be no Update tommorow, considering
its my birthday, and need some R&R and Budwieser! :-D
30/06/03 Good News, Site is now up and running
properly! Download "
Alt Corythosaurus"
added to downloads page. I'll get some
media stuff up soon!
29/06/03 New poll launched, results posted. Project;
Paleoveracity" halfway! New download
program; "
Alt-Corythosaurus" sounds will
be added to downloads page tomorrow.
22/06/03 Sorry for the lag in updates, but as said its
due to circumstances beyond my control.
Ive been busy, rebuilding what's been lost, It's
hard work but im getting there ;-). I have the
forum up and running! (next to the contact link
on this page) use it, it's for your beneift!!
There's gonna be another download program
VERY soon, check back here, i think you'll be
pleased! Enjoy the site.
19/06/03 Unfortunately the site will not be updated
for a while due to the fact a severe error in
internet explorer has forced me to format my
hard drive. Most files have been recovered
(from server). But upcoming update files were
lost. It is going to take some time to get the site
back on full form. It is not TERMINAL however.
The site should be okay in about a week. I'll try
and get the forums up A.S.A.P
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