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Here I aim to collect other material published on the Internet relevant to the aims of this site. Please read the Collective Commons Licence linked at the foot of the page.


[1] Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition, by Glen Magee

This book was published by Cornell University Press in 2001; here I reproduce the Introduction to this work, copied from the Marxist Internet Archive. The thesis of Magee's book is central to the aims of Essay Fourteen (summary here), where I show that dialecticians have imported into Marxism a set of ancient mystical ideas, which can be found throughout history in the work of countless ruling-class theorists from right across the globe, in all known Modes of Production.


[2] The Hegel Legend by Gustav Mller

Here I have posted an article written 50 years ago that debunks a hoary old myth that Hegel's method can be summed-up by the neat formula: 'Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis'. This I am doing, not to rescue Hegel from his dialectical groupies, but to underline the fact that the latter cannot even get Hegel right!


[3] Anti-Dialectical Dialogues

Dialogue No 1: The Transformation of Quantity Into Quality

This is an entertaining dialogue written by my friend and ally 'Babeuf', one which is aimed at showing just how useless DM would be if anyone tried to employ it in the class struggle. Posted 08/02/07.


[4] Part VI of Nigel Harris's Mandate of Heaven

I have included this in order to help substantiate some of the things I allege in Essay Nine Part Two. [I must however distance myself from the philosophical remarks that Nigel makes.]

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