'SHOOT!' 'League Ladders' team tab

1996 SHOOT Team Tabs photo 96-97ShootTeamTabs_zps9e18e11a.jpg

You can see my collection of team tabs HERE


W.R. Priddy 'Footballers 1940s-50s' trade




Panini 'Football 96 - Football League' trade (stickers)

Numbered 85 - 98


Royal Mail 'Football Legends' plain backed unnumbered card


Gugh Island Postal Authority 'Local Issue' stamps

These 'Great Sporting Events' 'Local Issue' stamps were issued in 1996 by six postal authorities of the United Kingdom (UK).  They were released to chart the history of the FA Cup Final, and depict great moments from finals over the years.  The F. A. Cup Collection was officially authorised by the Football Association and the clubs who are featured. These two stamps are part of a small set of four celebrating Blackburn's 1928 triumph over Town. The first stamp caption says 'Wilson of Huddersfield wins the ball'; the second shows captains Healless and Stephenson shaking hands. On a geographical note, Gugh Island is in the Scillies, off Cornwall.

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