'League Ladders' team tabs

'SHOOT!' magazine

Not certain of the date here, but it must be pretty close

'MATCH' magazine

You can see my collection of team tabs HERE


Huddersfield Town A. F. C.

A series of 28 postcard-sized photo cards produced by the club during the 1994-95 season; they are merely photographic prints, not real cards.


Richards Collection 'Stars Of The Past' trade card


The Fosse Collection, 'Footballers 1919-1939' (1st series) unnumbered trade cards

Not sure of the year, but I understand these to have been printed in the 1990s. Keen-eyed observers will notice that they have re-used the old Godfrey Phillips 'Pinnace' pictures and also the Topical Times 'Panel Portraits'. Shown here at 50% of real size.


News & Echo 'Footballers' unnumbered trade card

Printed back-to-back with another player and originally issued in pairs, this picture of Mark Wells in Notts County kit has been cut to a single. (On the back is Michael Jeffrey of Doncaster Rovers)


Queen Anne Press

I am informed that this is actually cut from the book 'Seventies Revisited' by Kevin Keegan!

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