The Sun 'Soccercards' trade cards (Trade Ref: SUN-4)

A particularly horrendous set of cards, good (bad??) enough to rival the Priddy cards as the worst EVER published. In this group, only Dave Sutton looks something like the real player, and Paul Bielby looks more like Steve Kindon! As for Alec Jackson, I think they have the wrong player completely; compare this image with others from cards in the mid to late 1920s and I think you'll see what I mean!. AND ... how come NOT ONE of these players is wearing a Town kit?? There were 4 different albums in which to house these cards.



            1979 SUN SoccerCard album 1 photo 1979SunSoccercardalbum_zpsba685f6f.jpg


Heron Books 'Sportscaster Cards' trade card

One of a series of boxed cards used in reference libraries and schools for projects, topics and other creative teaching.


IPC Magazines, SHOOT! 'Meet the Captains' booklet cut-out-and-keep page

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