A&BC Gum 'Footballers (Black Back 1-42)' trade card (Trade Ref: ABF-10)


Anglo-American Gum, Bell Boy 'Famous Soccer Clubs: Series 1' (wrappers) [Trade Ref: ANE-14-1 / ANG-140]

1960 Bell Boy Famous Soccer Clubs' photo BellBoyalbum_zpsa59bc348.jpg


Top Flight Confectionery 'Top Flight Stars (Sport)' trade card (Trade Ref: TNT-1)


Fleetway Publications Ltd., 'Tiger Album of Football Club Badges' paper trade [Trade Ref: FLC-43]

The booklet was published on September 24th, 1960

50. Huddersfield Town

1960 Tiger Album of Football Club Badges photo Tigerbooklet_zps166a0ae2.jpg

Barratt & Co. Ltd. 'Famous Footballers (Series A.8)' trade card (Trade Ref: BAR-72)

... and two rare misprints: one with no black ink, so no signature and one in only red ink, both blank back (printer's proofs?)


Caxton Press, 'Association Football', cut-out plate

Page from a 4-volume book about the history of football (b/w Ipswich Town 1954-55)

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