'TIGER' League Ladders team tab

 photo TIGER team tab_zpsudkmbajn.jpg

You can see my collection of team tabs HERE


Barratt & Co. Ltd. 'Famous Footballers (Series A.3)' trade cards (Trade Ref: BAR-72-03 / BAR-320)

 photo BARRATT Glazzard front_zpsgqvmn1f4.jpg photo BARRATT Glazzard back_zpsqvmlfrhp.jpg  photo BARRATT Staniforth front_zpsuiwqnssk.jpg photo BARRATT Staniforth back_zpsxkxsfyoh.jpg


Liam Devlin & Sons Ltd. 'Famous Footballers (Series A.3)' trade cards (Trade Ref: DEV-3-4 / DEV-060-4)

These Republic of Ireland cards were the same as the Barratt set issued in the UK with the Barratt details on the back replaced with details for Liam Devlin & Son, Ltd. although these cards are much harder to find. The cards can also be found officially trimmed to fit into smaller packets of sweet cigarettes.

 photo DEVLIN Staniforth trimmed front_zpsplz6uzd7.jpg photo DEVLIN Staniforth trimmed back_zpsyly8pkl1.jpg


A. & J. Donaldson 'Gold Cup Cards' trade card (Trade Ref: ZJ9-72)

 photo DONALDSON Gold Cup_zpskn7s2wmp.jpg


News Chronicle 'Pocket Portrait' unnumbered trade cards (Trade Ref: NFK-4-23 / NEW-310-23)

One of the most difficult and therefore most expensive sets to find in this series. This is a complete set of the Town players, although quality always seems to be lacking in all of the ones that I have seen!

 photo NEWS CHRONICLE Battye_zpsl69d2jde.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE Cavanagh_zpsymqe9vdm.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE Connor_zpsfqqm105w.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE Conwell_zpsjejvcywv.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE Fearnley_zpsweuaxknb.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE Glazzard_zpsutrblsyr.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE Hobson_zps4s6djbyu.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE McGarry_zps2bj0du8q.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE Metcalfe_zpsaupcf8nn.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE Quested_zps4kw0xzfl.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE Watson_zps4mlbf3jd.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE Wilson_zpssqef5wwt.jpg photo NEWS CHRONICLE back_zpswulc5tuv.jpg


Ariel Games 'Wembley' game

Game card and token. I'm not really convinced that this is the correct year, but it's probably near enough. (I think that the '2' refers to the Division that Town were in when the card was produced.)

 photo WEMBLEY card front_zpsqqw1tvrm.jpg photo WEMBLEY card back_zpsetxduawx.jpg photo WEMBLEY token_zpsqzuyei1e.jpg


H. B. Langham & Co. 'The Legible Soccer Diary'

 photo LEGIBLE Mills amp Davie_zpswxjcpfzx.jpg


Withy Grove Press Ltd. 'Empire News 'Footballers' Who's Who' Annual'

A bit of a strange one, here. This picture and exact same typeface appear in the 1955-56 annual, but the one that I have below is autographed and is most definitely a card.

 photo WITHY GROVE Glazzard_zpsx6u1xun4.jpg


Daily Express 'Team Postcard' unnumbered trade card [Trade Ref: CZM-1]

 photo DAILY EXPRESS team front_zpsxtmlbtsm.jpg  photo DAILY EXPRESS team back_zpsyaxa0c3o.jpg

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