'TIGER' comic 'League Ladders' team tab

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You can see my collection of team tabs HERE


Barratt & Co. Ltd. 'Famous Footballers (Series A.3)' trade cards (Trade Ref: BAR-72-03 / BAR-320)


A. & J. Donaldson 'Gold Cup Cards' trade card (Trade Ref: ZJ9-72)


News Chronicle 'Pocket Portrait' unnumbered trade cards (Trade Ref: NFK-4-23 / NEW-310-23)


Ariel Games, 'Wembley' game

Game card and token. I'm not really convinced that this is the correct year, but it's probably near enough. (I think that the '2' refers to the Division that Town were in when the card was produced.)


H. B. Langham & Co., 'The Legible Soccer Diary'

 photo img093_zps6a72d0f1.jpg


Withy Grove Press Ltd., 'Empire News 'Footballers' Who's Who' Annual'

A bit of a strange one, here. This picture and exact same typeface appear in the 1955-56 annual, but the one that I have below is autographed and is most definitely a card.


Daily Express 'Team Postcard' unnumbered trade card [Trade Ref: CZM-1]

 photo img069_zpsd2f74a0a.jpg  photo img070_zps164f7646.jpg

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