Sporting Publicity (Leeds) 'Soccer Stars' plain back trade card (Daily Herald) (Trade Ref: DAA-2)

Originally to be kept in a booklet called 'Sport Stars: 1. Soccer Stars', several variations here: thick and thin lettering, even within the much rarer SPORTFOTO issue.


'Sport' or 'Sporting Mirror' newspaper, original Mickey Durling caricature

(Modern reprints of this series can be seen on the 1980 page)

 photo NewsprintMcGarry_zpsfe9b0cf9.jpg


D.C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. 'Famous Sports Stars (Rover)' unnumbered paper trade

As with the previous year's issue, these are much desirable with the yellow border but were often trimmed.

1954 Rover Famous Sports Stars photo Rovercover_zpsb897632d.jpg

 photo RoverStaniforth_zps1919201a.jpg

Published 28th August

 photo RoverMcGarry_zps379465dc.jpg

Published 11th September

 photo RoverMcEvoy_zps6e4a13ff.jpg

Published 9th October

 photo RoverWatson_zps19dc70f7.jpg

Published 6th November

 photo RoverDavie_zpsf2fed338.jpg

Published 5th March, 1955


A.&BC Gum 'All Sport Series' plain back trade card (Trade Ref: ABF-1)

 photo AampBCMetcalfe_zps3e1cd738.jpg


P.A. Adolph (Subbuteo) 'Famous Footballers'

2nd Series trade card (Trade Ref: ADP-1 / ADO-040-2b)

Series numbered 25-48. Narrower card and slightly cropped image

Glossy photographic trade card (Trade Ref: ADP-1B / ADO-040-1)

The much rarer glossy photographic card which fetches up to 60 in some catalogues


Barratt & Co. Ltd. 'Famous Footballers (Series A.2)' trade card (Trade Ref: BAR-72-02 / BAR-315)


Liam Devlin & Sons Ltd. 'Famous Footballers (Series A.2)' trade cards (Trade Ref: DEV-3-3 / DEV-060-3)

Some of  these were officially trimmed to fit into smaller packets

     photo DevlinStaniforthcutfront_zps42b1ff1b.jpg photo DevlinStaniforthcutback_zps1329cf89.jpg


Blue Band Margarine (Netherlands) '40 Sporten en Spelen in Woord en Beeld'

The date is an approximation. The Dutch translates as "144. Even masters must keep up. English footballers do ball exercises. One of 150 splendid colour photographs in the large Blue Band Sportbook '40 Sports and Games in Words and Pictures."

 photo img091_zps39bbd332.jpg photo Untitled2_zps4bf8e916.jpg

144. Green (Birmingham), Hooper (West Ham), Bill McGarry (Town) and Robb (Tottenham)


H. B. Langham & Co., 'The Legible Soccer Diary'

 photo Untitled_zps915a5438.jpg

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