F. & J. Smith's 'Footballers' (titled, dark blue backs)

Sandy Mutch was Town's first well-known custodian, but he is shown here wearing an outfield shirt of the period - white, with blue neck/shoulders.

 photo SMITHS Mutch front_zpsupomzguw.jpg photo SMITHS Mutch back_zpsjul1tswf.jpg


J. Baines Ltd., 'Gold Medal Football Cards Shields' unnumbered trade cards (Trade Ref: BAJ-1)

 photo BAINES Jee front_zpsd4etsvwi.jpg photo BAINES Jee back_zpsaixyniwq.jpg  photo BAINES Mutch front_zpsjzkhkom7.jpg photo BAINES Mutch back_zpsdyb4iysb.jpg
 photo BAINES Huddersfield Town front_zps8tfohtxl.jpg photo BAINES Huddersfield Town back_zpsmxqnpjli.jpg

Exceedingly rare cards, and in excellent condition too. These cards were used in a game - boys would throw them at a wall, and if they dropped and covered another card, then the thrower would claim that card as his own too. Hence, the corners of these cards would usually be well-rounded and bent; not so this one! The portrait is that of Alex 'Sandy' Mutch, the Town custodian in this period. The dates of both of these cards is an approximation, although if the second card is meant to be Town in white shirts and black shorts then it could be as early as 1908 as this was our very first kit.

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