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Long Eaton Young Comrades 1922. Violet Beswick center front row




 Emma Coy





 Ernest Beswick about 1900









Wedding group Ernest Beswick to Edith Ann Coy 1903





Family Group abt 1900

left to right George Howell, Agness Howell (nee Gelsthorpe), Agnes on her knee,Elizabeth Coy, Ted Coy, Edith Ann Coy





George Beswick abt 1895







Elizabeth Coy (nee Gray) center abt 1910



Inscribed on the back

"Imperator potato crop 1890 Sutton Bonnington Rectory taken by Ralph Yearsley (rev)"

Ernest Beswick kneeling and his father George







Mary Coy (nee Hickling) with Edith Ann Left, abt 1883





Midland Street, Long Eaton

Elizabeth Coy(left) Ernest Coy, Martha Howell, Edith Ann Beswick with Violet in pram

abt 1905



Railway Mission , Long Eaton

Edward Coy left, Ernest Beswick 2nd from right

abt 1900


One for the Railway enthusiast.

Believed to be taken on the day that the horses were retired from shunting at Long Eaton.

Ernest Beswick 3rd from right

abt 1905








Edward Coy abt 1900

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