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Will of William Beswick of Wollerton 1597


In the name of God amen. The 24th day of January in the yeare on our Lord god 1597 and the 30th yeare of the reigne of our soverigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god of England France and Ireland Quene defender of the faith.


I William Bestwicke of Wollerton in the Countie of Nottingham collier being in whole mynde and of good and perfecte rememberance laud and praise be unto Almighty god make and ordayne this my present Testament containing herein my last will in manner and forme following

That is to say first I commend my soule unto Almighty god my maker and redeemer and my body to be buryed in the parish church or churchyard of Wollerton and as touching the disposition of my worldlie goods I give and bequeath towards the repuration of the clocke in this parish Churche 3s 4d.

 Item I give and bequeathe to be distributed amongst the poore widdowes in this towne .

Item I give and bequeath unto John Olliver William Olliver Robt Oliver Roger Oliver Richard Barker and Winifred Barker my daughters children each of them fortye shillings to be paid and delivered into whose hands my executors and overseers shall thinke good and to put them there withal as prentices to some honest tradesmen. And if it shall happen that any of them shall dye before these portions be paid my will is that it shall be equally devided amongst the rest

Item I give and bequeath to Mary Wilsonne one . Lamb and 30s over and besides 10s which I owe her to be paid and delivered at the day of her marriage   Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth one cowe nowe in her possession  

Item I give and bequeath unto John Hill 10s   

Item I give and bequeath unto Richard Hill 20s and unto Francis Burton 10s  

 Item  I give and bequeath all the rest of my goods cattells and chattels wholie unto Agnes my wife for the terme of her life and after her decease if anything then remaine my will is that it shall be distributed amongst my daughters children at the disposeing of my executors   

Item it is my (very) . mynde and unto that as my wife is olde aged and impotent and not able to dispose of the residue of my goods cattells and chattels for her best behoofe and maintenance that my executors shall bestow the praising and vallewing of my goods cattells and chattels and debts dispose of and sell to the most prise . and furtherance that can be to the profit and maintenance of my said wife. Also my will is further that Edward Barker my sonne in lawe shall not meddle receive nor have to doo with anything that shall hereafter come to them by this my last will and testament he shall not have to do withal.  I make and ordayne the said Richard Hill and Francis Burton myne executors and for there labours in that behalfe  I have given as before and of the execution of the same I make and ordayne my Percivall Willoughbe overseer.  In witness I have sett my hand and .. have given notes of all my debts and debters as appeareth of the backside of this my will whom I comitt to my executors


Thomas Bouthorns   John Hill    Agnes Paten     John Oliver and William Oliver