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Steampunk Atmospheric Probe Happenings Kesht
Cliché Girl Two
A steampunk atmospheric Probe A cover for a collection of short stories by William Alan Rieser. My first fully acrylic picture. Acrylics on suitably primed paper Acrylics on primed watercolour paper.
Luna Parabella Mars Traveller Climber Alien Robe
My first ever book cover was done in gouache on paper and made me decide to look at acrylics. Gouache and watercolour on watercolour paper. Acrylics on watercolour paper. A cover picture for the June/July 2003 issue of Scifantastic webzine. Acrylics on canvas
Ice World Strange Engine
Red Tree World
Watercolour on paper. This was used for the November 2001 *cover* of The Zone Art Deco Abstract piece for a poster.
Cover picture for Scifantastic webzine. Android (or cyborg?) turning a barren world into a thing of beauty. A cover for Scifantastic magazine.
Magnificent Machines on Mars
A poster on the theme: Magnificent on Mars.