These professionally made lace videos will teach you to make lace in the comfort of your own home. You'll have your own personal tutor who, with the aid of the replay control, will repeat her instructions as many times as you like without ever becoming impatient. The videos we hold in Rugby are all VHS, suitable for most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. All these titles are available in NTSC for use in USA, Canada & Japan. Our NTSC supplier is Holly Van Sciver in the USA.

P&P 1 Video UK £2.25 Overseas£3.50, 2 videos UK £3.50 Overseas £7.00, 3 videos UK £5.00 Overseas £10.00, 4 videos UK £6.00 Overseas 14.00

Bedfordshire Lace 1. Basic Skills With Christine Springett

Bedfordshire Lace 2.Intermediate Skills With Christine Springett

Bedfordshire Lace 3. Advanced Skills

Bedfordshire Lace 4. Advanced Skills

Honiton Lace with Mo Gibbs

Torchon Lace 1 with Christine Springett

Torchon Lace 2 with Christine Springett

Buckinghamshire Point Lace With Bridget Cook

Brugge Bloemwerk With Patricia Bury

Tatting With Pam Palmer

Fan Mounting With Christine Springett

Turning Lace Bobbins With David Springett

Spangling the Springett Way With David Springett