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History of Site Updates

2006 Apr 23: updated list of NTL web proxies. Updated technical support.
2004 Oct 24: add proxy configuration for Firefox and Safari.
2004 Oct 23: updated list of NTL web proxies.
2004 Feb 8: updated list of NTL web proxies.
2004 Jan 16: updated list of NTL web proxies. Distinguished between Inktomi and NetApp proxies.
2004 Jan 8: updated list of NTL web proxies. Listed as a technical support site, instead of
2003 Sep 22: updated Windows bandwidth limiting.
2003 Aug 25: updated list of NTL web proxies. Listed as a technical support site. Added section on Windows bandwidth limiting.
2003 Mar 16: updated list of NTL IP address ranges. Updated list of NTL web proxies. Noted that Blueyonder no longer enforce transparent proxying. Updated Swapping PCs on CM and PCs sharing CM for the NTL Xbox Live service. Added 3Com 510 to list of UPnP-enabled routers.
2003 Feb 16: updated list of NTL web proxies. Made a new list of abbreviations used in DNS names on NTL network.
2003 Jan 22: added work-around for Windows Media Player problems with Inktomi traffic servers.
2003 Jan 7: clarified procedure for registering on an STB via a router.
2002 Nov 24: updated lists of NTL and Blueyonder web proxies. Updated list of UPnP-aware routers. Updated Blueyonder CM configuration file names.
2002 Nov 10: updated Streaming Media page for Real Player versions. Added section on Cable modem data activity light keeps flashing.
2002 Oct 27: many updates on the PCs sharing CM Home LAN page, including UPnP-aware routers and NAT-unfriendly applications.
2002 Oct 12: new section on addresses with NTL STBs; updated registration page and technical support info.
2002 Sep 28: updated UPnP NAT traversal.
2002 Sep 21: updated PCs sharing CM; minor updates on P2P sharing.
2002 Sep 20: small edits on various pages for references to the NTL 600kbps service, instead of 512kbps.
2002 Sep 12: Linksys firmware v1.43 fixes UPnP NAT traversal problems with XP Remote Assistance.
2002 Sep 10: added new page FrontPage tips.
2002 Sep 8: re-write and expansion of the DNS issues page.
2002 Sep 7: re-write of the CM Diagnostics and signal levels page, updated Packet Loss page.
2002 Sep 4: in CM config file, noted NTL change to 600kbps.
2002 Sep 3: updated the NTL web proxies for Swansea.
2002 Sep 1: complete re-write of the DHCP issues page. Added new page on Packet Loss. Updated No Connectivity.
2002 Aug 31: updated IP Addresses, MAC Addresses, Time Synchronisation, and Network tweaks with information for Mac OS X.
2002 Aug 26: updated Ethernet issues to include Auto-MDIX, and duplex settings for Mac OS X and BSD Unix. New article on Partial return routes using ping.
2002 Aug 23: updated SETI@home info.
2002 Aug 22: updated swapping PCs on NTL cable modems, decoding of NTL DNS names. Mentioned ntl:home 120 as well as 100 passim.
2002 Aug 18: added new page on Latency Issues.
2002 Aug 17: added new article on Network Configuration Tweaks. Updated list of NTL web proxies, and Which is my web proxy cache?
2002 Aug 15: updated how to find DHCP addresses, and decoding of DNS names.
2002 Aug 11: updated swapping PCs on NTL cable modems.
2002 Jul 26: updated ZoneAlarm configuration for v3.x
2002 Jul 21: added new page on Surfboard tips; updated Pace STB diagnostics.
2002 Jul 14: added Mac OS X throttled to list of solutions for simultaneous upload/download performance problems.
2002 Jun 30: updated pages on Web Proxy issues, PCs sharing CM, Correct Connect, IP addresses.
2002 Jun 27: noted change enabling swapping of PCs without the 6-hour wait on parts of NTL's network.
2002 Jun 23: rewrote the USB issues page. Added note about Ethernet drivers. Updated DHCP problem-solving. Updated No connectivity page.
2002 Jun 9: added section on Linux Wonder Shaper for upload rate-limiting. Added sections on Mac OS 8/9 and Mac OS X setup.
2002 May 28: added info re ntl:home 100 and Windows 98 FE USB.
2002 May 22: added new sections on streaming media issues.
2002 May 17: added new section on installer issues.
2002 May 8: added details of diagnostics for ntl:home 100.
2002 May 15: references to Manchester NAT addresses removed.
2002 May 6: added ntl:home 100 cable modem: how to get diagnostics, the lights.
2002 May 4: added info for ntl:home 100 cable modem: MAC address range and configuration file names.
2002 May 1: updated notes on swapping PCs on NTL cable modems.
2002 Apr 28: added new MAC address ranges for Surfboard 4100.
2002 Apr 14: updated NTL configuration details.
2002 Apr 9: Blueyonder technical support phone numbers updated.
2002 Apr 6: new section on MAC addresses, revised section on Registration issues.
2002 Apr 2: added notes on McAfee Firewall, Microsoft Proxy Server.
2002 Apr 1: split site into multiple pages.
2002 Mar 17: added rate-limiting configuration for the new Morpheus Preview Edition.
2002 Mar 10: added NTL 1Mbps service to cable modem configuration files, updated NTL transparent proxy addresses.
2002 Feb 23: noted need for JavaScript for Pace STB registration and NTL registration.
2002 Jan 29: Updated decoding DNS names.
2002 Jan 27: Updated firewall configuration info.
2002 Jan 11: Added article on VPN issues.
2002 Jan 10: Added WinMX configuration, eDonkey2000 configuration. Added article on simultaneous use of dial-up modem and cable modem.
2002 Jan 8: Updated System updates and patches.
2002 Jan 6: Clarified ntl:home Post-installation registration. Noted that MSIE 5.1 for Mac can now refresh stale pages in a transparent proxy cache. Several other tidies.
2001 Dec 27: Tidied up Modem MAC pre-registration. Updated Windows XP configuration for fetching updated USB drivers. Updated article on USB connections.
2001 Dec 17: Corrections in Cable Modem Configuration File.
2001 Dec 11: Updated article on Peer-to-Peer file sharing issues for BearShare.
2001 Dec 2: Added article on Peer-to-Peer file sharing issues.
2001 Dec 1: Added article on Default Gateway address. Updated What's my IP address? for Linksys routers. Updated No connectivity at all for DHCP non-response after PC swaps. Updated Inability to connect to cable modem diagnostic address for general need to change PC's sub-net. Updated Swapping PCs on the cable modem for ISPs that require user MACs to be registered.
2001 Nov 25: Revised notes on in-service IP addresses for NTL, and moved them to What's my IP address? Revised notes on Finding the UBR address. Changed recommendation on address to use for requesting time synchronisation from UBR.
2001 Nov 18: Revised notes on the XP firewall. Revised notes on time synchronisation for XP. Revised notes on swapping PCs connected to the cable modem. Added article on SETI@home issues.
2001 Oct 28: Revised notes on firewalls; added some notes on Windows XP. Added notes on Finding the cable modem's address.
2001 Oct 21: Added Blueyonder proxy cache information. Improved listing of Blueyonder DNS codes. Added method of determining both DHCP server addresses for Blueyonder users. Noted change of NTL registration code. Added note on applications which might not work behind a firewall.
2001 Oct 14: Added much Blueyonder information throughout, courtesy of the by-Users group.
2001 Sep 2: Added article on viruses.
2001 Aug 19: Added Finding the UBR address, Finding the DNS addresses, Finding the DHCP address., System updates and patches, First connection to Pace STB.
2001 Aug 18: Added notes on Cable Modem configuration file. Added What's my IP address?
2001 Aug 17: Added notes on identifying the address of your web cache.
2001 Aug 15: Added notes on web authoring to cope with caches.
2001 Aug 12: Worked around some of the CSS bugs in Netscape 4.7x.
2001 Aug 11: Revised notes on Pace diagnostic pages.
2001 Jul 27: Added further technique for refreshing stale pages from a web cache.
2001 Jul 19: Revised notes on NTL registration procedures.
2001 Jul 15: Terayon modems confirmed as requiring half-duplex ethernet working.
2001 Jul 11: Expanded notes on network game performance.
2001 Jul 7: Notes throughout on private IP ranges for Pace STBs.
2001 Jun 28: Added note on lack of diagnostics for Pace STB.
2001 Jun 17: Updated section on decoding NTL DNS names to avoid use of nslookup.
2001 Jun 15: Further distinctions between bits-per-second and bytes-per-second.
2001 Jun 5: Removed reference to temporary primary DNS server for NTL cable modem users.
2001 Jun 4: Added links to DocsDiag for CMX and Terayon diagnostics.
2001 Jun 2: Minor edits to post-installation registration and decoding DNS names.
2001 May 27: Added self-reference for printed copies.
2001 May 26: Added section on decoding NTL DNS names.
2001 May 16: Added section on DHCP problem-solving.
2001 May 15: updated names of NTL support newsgroups.
2001 May 6: Added notes on why the UBR is important in firewall configuration.
2001 May 6: Added section on Simultaneous download and upload performance.
2001 May 6: Updated USB. Added null section on Terayon diagnostics. Noted IP ranges for
2001 Apr 22: Added section on on-line game configuration.
2001 Apr 14/16/21: Added notes on in pre-registration, post-registration.
2001 Apr 9: Added section on configuration of mobile PCs.
2001 Apr 5: Updated Time Synchronisation for Linux.
2001 Apr 4: Added notes on the cable modem log.
2001 Apr 3: Updated Time Synchronisation for Windows 2000.
2001 Apr 1: Windows 2000 setup and Internet Options setup added.
2001 Mar 31: Added 3Com Tailfin and 3Com CMX details to Flashing Lights article.
2001 Mar 30: Updated Basic Network Settings to cope with new NTL help pages.
2001 Mar 28: Added section on Time Synchronisation.
2001 Mar 25: Updated notes on ethernet duplex setting and refreshing stale cache pages.
2001 Mar 25: Updated firewall configuration notes. Added cautions about stealth mode.
2001 Mar 22: Added section on Windows 2000 DHCP problems.
2001 Mar 18: Updated notes on Windows 2000 security.
2001 Mar 4: Section on Speed Tests added.
2001 Mar 4: Section on No connectivity and Strange IP addresses added.
2001 Feb 25: Firewall configuration info expanded.
2001 Feb 10: Article on Faster Web Browsing added. Apple Mac proxy config added.
2001 Feb 4: This week, I have been mainly writing notes on Security.

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