Cable Modem Troubleshooting Tips


Simultaneous dial-up modem and cable modem

This article applies only to those advanced users who, for some good reason, require to be simultaneously on-line to the internet via both their cable modem and their dial-up modem. This article does not apply, even if you have both cable modem and dial-up modem installed, if you connect via only one of them at any one time.

If you have more than one active connection to the internet, it is necessary to decide which one is to be the default route for general internet traffic. Unfortunately, the default behaviour of Windows is to assume that a dial-up connection is to be the default route, in preference to an ethernet or USB connection. So, if you initiate a dial-up connection, you appear to lose all use of the cable connection. To force Windows to use the cable connection as the default route, proceed as follows:

For Windows 2000/XP:

For Windows 9x/ME:

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