The Garngad Heritage
The unpublished work

Update; July 2004


I have had an exchange of letters with Agnes Hogan in New Jersey in the United States, who at present is 82 years of age and who has provided me with the names of the children of her parents, Thomas McLaughlin and Veronica Mulholland.   They are  (i) Thomas, born 8th July, 1917 who died in 1988; (ii) John, born 2nd December, 1919; (iii) Agnes herself, born 13th December1921; (iv) Elizabeth (McLaughlin) Foley, born 15th August 1924; (v) Gabriel, born 13th May 1928, (vi) Veronica (Ronnie McLaughlin) Quillin, born 27th September 1930 and Anne (McLaughlin) Rice, born 12th September, 1933.   I am grateful to Agnes for providing this information and I hope to meet the ‘young’ lady in the not to distant future.


Agnes also provided some photographs of her family and of the next generation of children and even grandchildren and I now await confirmation of their names.


Included in Agnes’s correspondence was a ‘business’ type card from a lady by the name of Molly Maffei, with her address in Virginia USA, email address and telephone number.


I contacted Molly initially by email and confirmed that her mother was Mary (Leenan Doherty) Maffei, whose mother was Margaret (McLaughlin) Doherty, a daughter of “Big” Tom McLaughlin and “Lizzie” McClure I knew nothing about.   Molly in fact is my second cousin.   She is a retired schoolteacher.  Agnes Hogan had sent me a photograph of a Group of woman in which Molly featured and I was so struck with her likeness to my cousin Joe McFarlane that I visited Joe and he had to agree the likeness after his daughter Tracy produced an old photograph of him, taken more than 40 years ago holding his only other child, Eleanor when she was a baby.


Joe provided the following family information; his father Joseph (Joe) married Catherine (Katie), the oldest child of my grandparents.  I remember visiting the McFarlanes when they lived in Craigpark Drive, in the Dennistoun area of Glasgow when I was a young boy. Old Joe worked for some time with my uncle Tommy (Bunty) when street booking was still illegal. His older brother Henry (Harry) is married to Catherine (Cathie) Taggart.   This is the same Harry McFarlane who tried to ‘commit suicide’ with his one-man protest at the Orange Parade. (See page 20, second column), I was escorting in the 1960’s and who with his family, emigrated to the U.S.A.   My wife Anne and two daughters, Clare and Julie spent a few days at the McFarlane’s USA in summer of 1989 when I retired from the Police. “Thanks for the hospitality cousin”.

Harry and Cathie have three children, Joseph, born in Glasgow, Frances, born in Glasgow and now married to Vito Bennetto (American Italian) and Sharon now married to Michael Bazokas.   They have a daughter and a son, Brianna and Michael Jnr.   Harry was in clothing trade as a tailor’s cutter in Glasgow before moving to the USA, a trade that my father “Big” Robey encouraged me to follow before I became a policeman.   Harry carried on in this profession in the States.   He is now fully retired


Big’ Joe himself is married to Margaret (Greta) Farrell; they have two daughters, Eleanor (Born 1959) and Tracy (born 1969).   Eleanor had an unhappy marriage and is now divorced.   She had no children.   Tracy is not married and still lives with her parents in Bishopbriggs, just north of Glasgow.  Joe at one time worked for one of Glasgow’s leading bookmakers until setting up his own business as a Fishmonger in Cumbernauld, a ‘new’ town just outside Glasgow.   He is now fully retired.


Catherine (Cathie) Joe’s sister is married to James (Jimmy) Crilly.   They have no children.   They lived for a number of years in the New York area of the USA but are now back in Scotland.


Joe’s youngest sister Mary (May) is married to James Welsh.   They have two children, a son, James Welsh (30) and daughter, Catherine Welsh (27).


Having visited Joe & Greta at their home in Bishopbriggs, I then visited, another Cousin, Harry McLaughlin, son on Henry and Sarah Blair.   Harry also lived in Bishopbriggs with his wife Catherine (Cathie) Mearns.   Harry informed me that he has two sons, (i) Stephen (b. 1960) married to Robertina (Ruby) Murray (b. 1962) and that they have a daughter, Claire Frances McLaughlin (b. 1992); and (ii) William (Billy) (b. 1963) married to Jacqueline Gillespie (b.1960).   They have two sons, Brodie McLaughlin (b.1998) and Keir McLaughlin (b. 2000).    Harry provided me with the names of his brother and sister.    Brother William (b. 1943) married to Elizabeth (Betty) Rodgers.   They have four sons, Gary McLaughlin (b.1967), David McLaughlin (b. 1969), Scott McLaughlin (b. 1971) and Paul McLaughlin (b. 1973).    Harry’s sister, Elizabeth (Betty) McLaughlin (b. 1948), married James Brown and they have one daughter, Sarah Jane Brown (b. 1985). 


Later when I went home, I carried out some judicious cropping of Joe’s photo with Eleanor, cropped Molly out of the photograph that Agnes Hogan had sent me, married both cropped photographs together and sent them by email to Molly in Virginia.   I think the likeness to Joe astonished her.   I have since spoken to Molly on the ‘phone at her home in the USA.   During our chat Molly, provided the information that her grandmother, Margaret McLaughlin, married John Doherty, they had six children, (i) Margaret (Leenan Doherty) Andrews; (ii) Mary (Leenan Doherty) Maffei; (ii) Edward (Eddie Leenan) Doherty; (iv) James (Leenan) Doherty; (v) Thomas (Tommy Leenan) Doherty; & (vi) George (Leenan) Doherty.   Molly was unable to provide me with information where the “Leenan” in the family came from.   The curious thing about the McLaughlin’s & the Doherty’s in Buncrana, County Donegal and it has to be repeated, is that there are so many of them that their offspring are usually known by their mother’s maiden name.   However, as John Doherty’s wife was a McLaughlin that must have proved a problem.   I suspect that the Leenan perhaps was the maiden name of John Doherty’s mother.   It couldn’t have been Margaret’s mother, “Lizzie” McClure.   Mary (Leenan Doherty) must have been close to her grandparents, “Big” Tom & “Lizzie” as I have a photograph of them together with other relatives.


Mary (Leenan Doherty) obviously travelled to the United States where she met and married James Maffei.   They had four children; (i) James (Jimmy) Anthony Maffei, born 1939; (ii) John (Johnny) Thomas Maffei, born 1944; (iii) Carmella (Molly) Maffei, born, 1946 and Vincent Lawrence Maffei, born, 1950.    For some reason, unknown to me at present, Molly doesn’t like or use the name Carmella although it features in her email address.  Jimmy has two adopted children, Kara & Jimmy, Johnny has two of his own, Molly and Devin Maffei and his wife Margaret (Maggie) has two children of her own brought into the married.  I don’t know if at this stage Johnny was married twice.  Vincent has two children Michael & Heather Maffei.     Molly has informed me that she was married for a time but the marriage didn’t last.    She has no children.


I’ve been in contact with my cousin John McLaughlin (son of Bunty, see page 16 the first column for a little information on Bunty) and indeed visited John in his home in the Govanhill area of Glasgow, about two miles from where I live.   John was a former merchant seaman who, when the last time we met, was the janitor in the Nautical College on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow.   He is 1 year older than me and fully retired.  John provided me with the following information; His father was Thomas @ Bunty, (born 14/5/1905), the oldest son of my McLaughlin grandparents and his mother was Anne McQuade, (b.1910).  His father had died in 1979 and his mother in 1983.   John has three sons and a daughter; oldest Thomas McLaughlin, (born 24/2/1958) and married to Kim Higgins, (b.1959).   They have a son, Liam McLaughlin (b.1982) and a daughter Ashley McLaughlin (b. 1985).   Next is a daughter Angela McLaughlin (born 16/11/1960) married to Ian McKenzie (b. 1956).   They have two daughters, Debbie McKenzie (b.1980) & Amanda Jane McKenzie (b.1983).   His second son John Francis McLaughlin (born 15/3/1963) is married to Debra McGaw (b.1964).   They have two daughters, Lauren McLaughlin (born 1991) and Kayliegh McLaughlin (born 1995).   His third and youngest son is Harry (not Henry) McLaughlin (born 1966), married to a Finnish young lady, Anna Latvala (b.1966).   They have two sons, Gabriel Thomas McLaughlin (b.2000) & Matthew John McLaughlin (b.2004) and still a baby.   John surprised me with the name of his youngest son, he said that he was baptised Harry and named after my own deceased brother and a further surprise, I knew my brother Harry had been at John’s wedding but I did not know that he had been his ‘best man’.   Its amazing the information you find.  


I have now traced Bernadette (nee Quigley) McLaughlin, the widow of my father’s brother Eddie.   Bernadette lives in the City Centre, opposite the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.   I visited Bernadette in her home and she informed me that some time before, she had fallen and broken her leg in the house but was able to ‘phone the police who had to force her door in order to gain access and to ensure hospital treatment.   Bernadette also had a bout of food poisoning (e coli), which damaged her liver necessitating a 6 weekly, visit (by ambulance) to the Royal Infirmary for dialysis treatment.  However she was quite cheerful during my visit and provided me with photos, which I had never seen before, and one even with my own mother “Wee Beenie” as part of a group.   More importantly, she showed me a torn, half of a photograph of my own grandparents, “Red Harry” & “Big Gracie”, the only authentic likeness to the two I have.  What really astonished me was the very slim figure of my grandmother and how lovely she looked when the photograph was taken, about 100 years ago.   The “Big Gracie” I knew WAS BIG, she was as broad as she was tall and ferocious too.  No one dared cross “Big Gracie” A previous photo of “Red Harry” I thought I had is in dispute as it could be his oldest brother, William.   I have since copied this photograph and produced a more than acceptable print, which a number of ‘cousins’ are grateful for.


Bernadette informed me that she and Eddie had three daughters, Veronica (b. 9/11/1953), Kathleen (b. 5/4/1955) and Bernadette (b. 19/4/1961), all genuine McLaughlin’s.   Veronica is married to Duncan McFadyen (b.12/12/1954) and they have one son, Kevin McFadyen (b.19/11/1982).   Both Veronica and Duncan work for the Royal Mail.   They live in the Newton Mearns area of Glasgow, not to far from my own daughter Clare.   I have paid them a visit and Veronica appeared more than delighted to renew the acquaintance with a cousin.   Kathleen is married to a Brian Donnachie (b. 1954) and it would appear that they have recently separated although they still live on good terms.   They reside in Johannesburg, South Africa and have a son, Christopher Donnachie (b. 31/12/1972) who is married to Heidi Maire (b.1974).   They have two sons, Donovan Donnachie (b.1998) and Jason Donnachie (b. 2002).   I have written to Kathleen in South Africa.


Bernadette the third daughter was married for a short time.   She lives in the Clarkston area, a suburb of Glasgow, about 1½ miles from where I live.  She has no children.


I have pinned down Cambuslang Eddie McLaughlin. I was out wandering and found myself in the vicinity of his home and on chance I made my way into his street in Cambuslang, saw a van with ‘Monumental Sculptor’ in the driveway of number 62 and I knew it was his house.    When I wasn’t receiving a reply to the door, I was about to leave when Eddie arrived in another van and he invited me in.


Over a cup of coffee, made by Eddie’s son Ronald John (born; 13/7/19720 who was in the house, Eddie informed me that his father was Edward  (Eddie as well) McLaughlin (born; 4/1/1918), the son of William McLaughlin, ‘BigTom & Lizzie’s oldest son, who married Rose Marshall (born; 23/5/1920 – died1979).  Their oldest child William (born; 1942) who was named after his grandfather married Julianne Clark (born; 1945).   William & Julianne had three children, Stephen (born; 1972), Maureen (born 1976) and Julie (born; 1977).   Most of these are approximate ages in Eddie’s information.   The next child was Eddie himself who married Helen Regina Wilson (born; 3/3/1949) whom I’d had already met before.   Helen is an interesting tale.   It would appear that her father, a Jewish Pole, who had survived the Holocaust, had moved to the UK and changed his name by Deed Pole to Wilson; fascinating?      Eddie & Helen’s oldest son Craig McLaughlin (born; 1972) is married to Karen Chisholm (born; 1975) and they have one child, a daughter, Carly, (born; 2002).   Their other son, Ronald John I mentioned above; (he makes good coffee).   The last child of Eddie’s parents is Anne McLaughlin (born; 1952) who is married to David McGovern (born; 1951).   They have a daughter Rosalind (born; 1971) and a son, David (born; 1974).


Eddie was a fund of knowledge and provided me with the following information.   His father Eddie had five brothers and two sisters, I am assuming at this stage were born in Glasgow.   The oldest Thomas (The Tommy Delaney) the father of the Cockhill, Buncrana McLaughlin’s was born on 8th February 1900 I know in Glasgow.   I am still at this stage awaiting information from the Cockhill Branch.    Next was a sister, Mary, born about 1903 who married Thomas Fowler Running, this family’s information is all included at page 35 above.   Next, another sister Elizabeth, born about 1905 who met and married a William Donald.   They had two sons and a daughter, George, born round about 1925 (no mention of a wife) Robert (again no mention of a wife) and Anne (Annie), born about 1930 who married a William (Bill) Anderson.   There is no information of family for the Andersons.   Next a brother William (also know as Skin).   Skin I had heard of and he would have been born about 1908 before in my Garngad days and he married a Margaret (Peggy) Turner.   They had a daughter Ella and a son James.   There is no information on marriages here.    Skin was reputed to have been murdered, he apparently worked in a public house in Glasgow, was attacked and died shortly after the attack.   No further information on the attack.   The next was a brother Charles (Charlie) born about 1911 who married an Anne (Annie) Barr.   They had a daughter Anne (Nancy) and three sons Charles, born about 1931, Thomas, born about 1934 and James, born about 1938.    I knew there was a Barr connection to my family, I remember a ‘bookie’ Eddie Barr opening a betting shop at the bottom of Tharsis Street where I lived and my father Big Robey was not amused at the competition.   I haven’t yet found the definite link to the family of this Eddie Barr.   The last brother was Henry (Delaney) (yes another one) McLaughlin born about 1912 who married an Alice McIlhinney.   They had two sons, James, born about 1930 and Brian, born about 1932 and a daughter, Geraldine, born about 1934.   The information was flowing freely at this stage from Eddie but I had to stop him as I had other matters to deal with that day.   I hope to obtain more however either from Cambuslang Eddie on this branch of the family or from another source.


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