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A Mansewood History Website

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This website has been created to share and capture information about the history of the Mansewood area in Glasgow.

It was originally created using information collected by Bob Leiser, a Mansewood resident, but you can click here to add your own information, views, or ideas.

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New for May 2009!


Nuggets from an unpublished book about Mansewood

Which local area was known in the 19th century as a "Model Village"?

Who was Saint Conval?

Where was there a public baths in the area, long before the now defunct red brick building in Pollokshaws?

What local factory did the Prince of Wales visit in 1895?

What local dignitary died on the platform of Thornliebank Station

Where can the remains of an old water mill be seen?

To find out all of this and more, click here.


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New Mansewood links

If you haven't seen Google's fantastic Street View, here's your introduction: 3D Views taken by mobile cameras driven through the streets

Recent views of the area in Google's Street View: Thornliebank Road

Google's Street View: Mansewood Road


Or look at satellite views of the area in Google Earth:

If you don't have Google Earth, get it free here. It's great for lots of other things, like previewing your holiday destinations

If you have Google Earth, the placemark to the satellite view of Mansewood is here


Mansewood images old and new

scans of original documents relating to people and properties in Mansewood Road

recollections from former residents of old Mansewood

the area before the first houses were built

the initial housing development and the first residents

Mansewood in 1914

Mansewood today.


The information was collected from a few main sources, which are explained in more detail on the References page.


For the present, the website covers only that triangle of modern day Mansewood from Eastwood Parish Church, along Mansewood Road to the top of Bemersyde Road, down to Thornliebank Road and back along Thornliebank Road to Eastwood Parish Church.  This area is shown in the map, and may be extended if more information comes to light on other parts.

Mansewood Road rises to 63 metres (over 200 feet) above sea level, making it higher than any of the Pollok Estate, and higher than the back road to Kennishead.  Cathkin Braes beyond Castlemilk is the nearest land which exceeds this height. 

Future additions to this web site could include;

information on interior and exterior design of the houses

further research on when various houses were built, modified or demolished

more about individual houses, the people who developed them and the people who lived in them

Your suggestions and contributions are very welcome, and you can provide these by going to the contributions page.



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