The History of the Romford Bombers
4: The Men Behind the Bombers

Wally Mawdsley 

A local businessman living in Upminster at the time of Romford's formation, Mawdsley was the "quiet" man of the trio of promoters, more used to dealing with business matters than seeking the limelight. A despatch rider in Germany during his time in the forces, Mawdsley was a rider with the Rayleigh Rockets, later moving up to join Norwich Stars.
Injury ended his racing career and, in 1960, Wally joined Exeter as promoter, where he began a long association with Pete Lansdale. Mawdsley was also a member of the Division 2 Management Committee.

Pete Lansdale 

Team manager of the Bombers, Pete Lansdale had a long track career, commencing after the war at Southampton and moving on to Plymouth. After a number of years with the Devon track, Pete transferred to Walthamstow. When they closed down, Pete returned to Devon as rider/promoter at Exeter, eventually joining forces with Wally Mawdsley. Pete stopped riding in 1963 and added team manager duties to his responsibilities at Exeter.
A resident of Hornchurch at the time of the formation of Romford, Lansdale had served in the RAF during the war as a flight engineer on Sutherlands in the Coastal Command.

Maurice Morley 

The most recognisable of the three, Maurice was very much the public face of the Promotion Team. His experience in speedway dated back to the early fifties when, as a rider, he was associated with Long Eaton, Exeter, New Cross and Odsal. In the early sixties, Morley was appointed team manager of Provincial League outfit Newcastle and subsequently held senior positions at Sheffield, Halifax, Hackney and Wimbledon.
It was from Wimbledon that he joined Mawdsley and Lansdale as Company Secretary and Speedway Manager of their Speedway Promotions company. His reputation as one of the country's foremost track layers was tested to the full when he laid the Brooklands track in nine days. His vast experience and shrewd tactical brain contributed greatly to Romford's success.



Romford promoters Wally Mawdsley (back row, centre) and Pete Lansdale (front row, centre) line up for the Exeter Falcons in 1961. Another familiar face to Bombers fans (front, left) is Len Silver, later promoter at Hackney and Rayleigh.

(Photo courtesy Exeter Falcons website)

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