The History of the Romford Bombers
2: What's in a name?

The "Bombers" were always going to be named "Bombers", no matter where they ended up racing! It has often been put forward that the nickname was linked to Brooklands Stadium. Locally in Romford, the team was frequently referred to as the "Brooklands Bombers", which certainly had a ring to it. But that fails to take into account the four matches prior to the move to Brooklands in which the team competed as Rochester Bombers.

Rochester were christened the "Bombers" before their racing colours had been chosen. It was originally intended to race in green and white - these being the colours of the Exeter Falcons, under the same management as the Bombers. It was, however, down to Speedway Manager Pete Lansdale that the "Bombers" got their name and their familiar RAF Roundel emblem. For Lansdale had served in the RAF during the 2nd World War as a flight engineer on Sutherlands in the Coastal Command. A further link to the RAF was that the intended home track in Rochester was situated next door to Rochester Airport.

After the closure of speedway at Romford, the team transferred to West Ham for a short period at the start of the 1972 season and, once again, the "Bombers" name was retained, although the race jacket was modified to include the famous crossed hammers of West Ham superimposed on the RAF Roundel.

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