Brian Davies



Brian Davies joined the Bombers midway through the 1969 season. An experienced rider, Davies had suffered a long string of bad luck in recent years. Consider his record: 1966: riding well for Hackney Wick in the British League until a broken ankle put him in hospital for many weeks. 1967: recapturing some of his old fire when a tangle left him with a broken arm which took a long time to heal. 1968: now with Kings Lynn and developing once again into a dependable second string when an opposing rider seized up directly in front of him. A few months off with broken ribs, damaged collar-bone and punctured lung. There is little doubt that the succession of injuries held him back at a time when he was becoming capable of scoring quite highly, particularly at home, in the First Division.

A self-employed engineer born in Bethnal Green, London, on December 22nd, Brian began his speedway career relatively late by going to Rye House in 1963. He then joined Hackney Wick and spent a long time with them before moving to Kings Lynn and finally West Ham. It was from West Ham that he was signed after he had announced a premature retirement. Even though he failed to score as well as he might have done at home he was a tower of strength on the away trips. He picked up a maximum at Doncaster and was always well up the scorers in Romford's away wins. Brian was the first rider to post a winning time of under 70 seconds at Brooklands when he recorded a time of 69.6 secs in his second ever ride at the track - a time that would not be bettered that season.

Brian requested a transfer at the end of the 1969 season and joined Bombers team mate Des Lukehurst at the new Wembley Lions Div. 1 team.