"..In that corragated shed of a fortress.. where the crowd became part of the team.."

                             (taken from the Poem "THE BOOTHEN END" by J Bennett)


"..One of my regrets about the past was that at the end of the day I was a Butler Street boy, that was where my season ticket was and it was the Butler Street stand where I would sit for every Stoke league game.  I enjoyed it in the Butler Street Stand , don't get me wrong, but looking back I now wish that I had actually spent more time on the Boothen End before it was sent crashing to the ground. I did spend quite a bit of time on the Boothen End though, and usually found my self there in cup games and it was always an amazing experience..."

"..In our final ever league match against West Bromich Albion I did almost decide to stand on the Boothen End for the final game, but in the end I opted for my seat in the Butler Street, after all it was the Butler Street Stand where I started out and it was the place where I wanted it to end.. On a simaler note my father chose to go on the Boothen End for the last game as it was the first place he also ever watched Stoke from.. fitting, I think..."

"..For any die hard Boothen Enders out there I do actually have one over you.. Whilst you all stood, sang, chanted and danced on your favorite plot of Boothen Terracing I had the honour from my seat in the Buter Street Stand to watch you all from a distance, I probably had the chance to see something that you all rarely saw on each and every match day,  I watched you all tightly crammed together in the Boothen End, week in, week out all  moving, bouncing, singing and swaying, probably  the best way I can describe it was that it was fucking amazing to watch, pure and simple.. Then when a goal was scored for Stoke any Boothen Ender would know that you always got carried by the crowd in the celebration and more often than not when the celebration had died down it could be possible to find yourselves a good fifteen yards from where you were origianly standing before the goal went in. This was the beauty of terracing and since all seater stadiums have come in it's something that I miss seeing and being a part of greatly, True, when it happenedyou usually got completly battered and bruised in the extatic frachase of celebration, but it was always worth it and watching you all from  my seat you always used to resemble  a million tiny beans in a sauce pan that had just hit boiling point of the hob, ready to spill out of the pan and on to the pitch.. Opposing players never looked like they enjoyed taking corners in front of the Boothen End due to the sheer noise that was coming out from it, The Boothen was like an intimidating red and white monster to the opposition, or Stoke City's 12th man on the pitch as it was often described, when the Boothen was in full voice it was as good as a goal's start for the team..  I can always remember reading a comment by Ex Tranmere Striker Chris Malkin in a football magazine that actually popped up in the Oatcake Fanzine as well,  "Stoke City fans are absolutely crazy", he said of the Boothen End.. his comment can perhaps be seen on as quite disturbing in one sense, but in an other it perfectly summed up the passion that used to emit from our huge shed of a fortress, yep.. you lot were all mad!..."

".. The Boothen End, was it seems many fan's focal point at the Victoria Ground, the special place where the noise came from as loud as thunder, and its the place where whilst football would create memories for footballers on the pitch, in turn the Boothen End's passion  would create memories for the footballers, I lose count on how many of our former players have commented on when the Boothen End used to crank up the volume to full tilt.. No once could or ever managed to drowned us out, it was electric and the Boom of the Boothen often used to stun opposing fans and players in to bewilderment as th noise often hit the back of the Stoke End roof at the opposite end of the pitch and echo back, creating an almost sureal whirl pool of atmosphere around the Victoria Ground.." 


".. Thankfully the club have noticed how important the Boothen End was for the fans and the production on the Video, "The Boothen Ends" has to be a must purchase for all Stoke City fans.I must admit, most videos produced by Stoke are never that glossy in appearance but this video has to be a must own for all Stoke fans, 90 minutes long approx it captures all the emotion, celebration, tears and joy of that final day at the Vic against West Bromich Albion, as well as a bit of a history lesson about how the Victoria Ground and Boothen End have matured and grown to be what it eventually became before its death on that memorable sunny afternoon in May 1997. Even today watching this footage is enough to make you cry a tear as the events of that day come flooding back.."





(2-0 Sheron, Sturridge)

A blast from the past as Simon Sturridge belts our second Goal against Wolverhapton Wanders in our play off season infront of the Boothen End. The Butler Street Stand can be seen in the background, seconds before it erupted in wild celebrations...


The Boothen End explodes at the site of Simon Sturridge's shot nestling in the back of the net... This 2-0 victory in an Evening Mid week Derby against Wolvererhamton Wanders went on to push Stoke one step nearer the Premiership as they began to cement their place in the end of season playoffs.

This was from the time when the Sheron Sturridge (SAS) partnership was in its prime and looked likely to rip open any defence that was put before it, this was the third game that Mike Sheron scored in as he went on to break the previous long standing record of scoring in seven consecutive games



Its Christmas time and Nigel Gleghorn celebrates in front of the Boothen End after equilising Mark Patterson's debut goal for the Blades early on. Stoke took the lead in the second half with Mike Sheron's 2nd ever Stoke goal, a diving header at the far post. but late on ex Leeds Winger David White powered in a header past Mark Prudoe to get a draw for the visitors.. a fair result over all. Stoke had just propelled themselves in to the play offs at this time, and would remain chasing them for the rest of the season when they eventually finished 4th.


The date is the 11th  September 1995, and Sir Stanley Matthews once again lines up infront of the Boothen End with some of his old friends.. Pictured are Sir Stan, Wilf Mannion, Tom Finney, Nat Lofthouse, Tommy Lawton and George Hardwick. 

The reason behind this gathering of old England Stars was for the purpose of a BBC Documentery series called "Kicking and Screaming"

The reason that the BBc producers chose to host this event at the Victoria Ground was because it happened to be the longest serving league ground in the county amd was though to be suitably apt to play host to such great legends from yesteryear.

Sadly from the picture Sir Stanley Matthews, Wild Mannion and Tommy Lawton have all passed away in recent years, most notably the deaths of Stan and Wilf Mannion earlier this year in 2000.



Big Fat Jez is seen here along with Peter Coates, Lou Macari, Mike Sheron, Larus Siggurson and some daft sod in a Postman Pat costume... This was taken in front of the Boothen End as the hype surrounding the move to the 15 million pound Britannia Stadium began to hot up.. At the time it was all smiles for Jez as he strut his stuff on the Victoria Ground turf, but did he have any idea what disaster was about to become of Stoke City the following season???


No.. not Andrew Griffin's runs down the left wing as shown here against Wolverhampton Wanders in the final ever season at the Vic.. Look at the Boothen End behind him in the distance. When packed like it was this night for a big derby game against the Wolves it was an awesome site, a sea of red and white, stretching up from pitch level and rising back high into the sky. Some times you could never see how far the crowd went back, it seemed as if it went on forever , eventually disappearing into the dark shadows of corrugated roofing. Stoke went on to win this match by the way, a 25 yeard shot by Richard Forsyth at the start of the second half in front of the Boothen End secured a 1 0 win for the Potters.


This is a view looking down from around the area of where the players wife's and family used to sit.. God only knows why the club decided to put it in this place of all places and often anything with breasts that sat in this box was often greated with Wolf whistles, drooling mouths and obscene chants from any Stoke supporters in the Boothen End below  who'd of had a bit to much to drink in the pub.. Then when Paul Peschisolido joined Stoke it not only ment goals for Stoke on the pitch, but lustful glares  from any Boothen Enders who haooened to have a crush on Pesch's missus, Karen Brady..


..To quote BBC Radio Stoke presenter Nigel Johnson.. and in this case two Stoke City Goal Scoring legends are also in the back of the net aswell.. Pictured are Mike Sheron and Mark Stein, celebrating with Ray Wallace in the Boothen End Goal after Sheron nets the winner in a 1-0 home win against Charlton Athletic in the 1996/1997 season at the Victoria Ground.

Mark Stein was on loan at Stoke at the time, returning from Chelsea and for a couple of months over Christmas and new year he ended up forming a deadly partnership up front with fellow Goal hero Mike Sheron. 

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