Inside the Holy of Holies


Further research on the subject of Herod's Temple brought about the construction of two major new models - one of Herod's Temple Mount (built to a scale of 1:275) and the other of the Temple proper (scale 1:75). These models, constructed between 1995-97, and commissioned by Ben Adelman, Chairman of the American Friends of the Israel Exploration Society, incorporate the latest Temple research in three-dimensional form.

In this latest slide set, they form the background to an evocation of Temple ritual based on the classic work of Alfred Edersheim, "The Temple, its Ministry and Services as they were at the time of Christ." We follow his unrolling of the first century scene from a first view of Jerusalem to the offering of firstfruits in the Temple. However, we have supplemented much of the information available in his book so that this slide set may be used independently of his work. The caption booklet contains sufficient background information to enable the presenter to give a detailed presentation on the subject and to answer questions.

The models appear in scenes such as The Blessing of the Priests and a portrayal of the twelve-year old Jesus on the Temple terrace at Passover. Artistic representations such as the High Priest in his garments "for glory and for beauty" and drawings specially made for this slide set, such as the procession of torch-bearing priests checking that all was ready for the day's service, bring the period vibrantly alive. Charts such as an enumeration of the main offerings and a calendar of Jewish feasts are a special feature of this slide set and help make the subject of the ritual of the Temple, which may seem daunting, much more accessible.


1. Overall view of the Temple platform
2. The Royal Porch or Stoa
3. Plan of the buildings round the Temple Court and the Court of the Women
4. The Court of the Women
5. The Treasury
6. Chambers in the four corners of the Court of the Women
7. The Court of the Israelites, the Court of the Priests and the Temple Court
8 Chambers on the north side of the Temple
9. The Facade of the Temple
10. Cutaway view of the Temple
11. The Golden Vine
12. Drawing of the Holy Place
13. The veil
14. Inside the Holy of Holies
15. Winch and basket system for maintenance of the Holy of Holies
16. The half shekel Temple tribute
17. Trumpets in the Temple
18. Chart of the priestly functions
19. A pictorial representation of the High Priest
20. A priest at work on the Golden Vine
21. Priests at work in the three-storeyed chambers round the Temple
22. Animals appointed for sacrifice
23. Chart of the main offerings
24. At night in the Temple
25. Chart showing the lots for the priests
26. The Laver
27. The Shambles
28. The Altar of Burnt Sacrifice
29. A priest trimming the Lampstand
30. A priest offering incense
31. The Blessing of the Priests
32. The Levites singing on the fifteen semi-circular steps
33. The Table of Shewbread
34. Grapes on the vine in a Sabbatical year
35. Calendar of Jewish Feasts
36. Passover time in the Land - a flowering almond tree
37. Jesus on the Temple Terrace with the Rabbis
38. Passover Temple scene
39. Present-day Passover plate
40. The four cups of wine drunk at Passover and at the Last Supper
41. A field of Barley
42. Chart showing the counting of the Omer
43. The Land during the season of Tabernacles - Pomegranates
44. A tabernacle or booth
45. The Four Kinds
46. The procession of water-drawing
47. The water libation
48. A golden lampstand in the Court of the Women during the rejoicing over the water-drawing
49. Blowing the trumpet or Shofar at the New Year
50. The High Priest in the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement
51. Choosing the scapegoat on the Day of Atonement
52. The Feast of Purim - the Scroll of Esther
53. The Feast of Hanukkah - Solomon's Porch
54. The Sacrifice of the Red Heifer
55. The offering of two sparrows to purify from leprosy
56. A woman suspected of adultery undergoing purification at the Nicanor Gate
57. The offering of the Nazarite on the completion of his vow
58. Basket of Firstfruits
59. Bringing up the Firstfruits
60. Inscription showing the hope of the Jews to rebuild the Temple

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