A newly designed architectural model of Herod's Temple

This slide set was created in response to overwhelming demand for a visual presentation on the archaeology of the Temple Mount built by Herod the Great. Using 60 slides it surveys the entire area of Herod's vast and spacious Temple Mount which even today dominates the city of Jerusalem. Panoramic views and vivid close-ups of elements revealed by the recent excavations and other remains still extant around the Mount, lay the foundation for an evocative reconstruction. Shots of a newly designed architectural model, due to go on a travelling exhibition in the U.S. in 1998, recreate the splendour of the first century Temple, while points of singular interest are further illustrated by detailed reconstruction drawings.
Some rare photographs are also included such as one of the area near the Western Wall being bulldozed following the Six Day War, in preparation for the building of a prayer area and plaza. The caption booklet supplies brief notes to each slide so that a full tour of the Temple Mount can be given in one session.


1. View of the Temple Mount from the Mount of
2. Herod's Temple Mount from the east
3. A view of Herod's Temple
4. The Western Wall plaza
5. Excavating the Wall
6. Barclay's Gate
7. Wilson's Arch
8. Stepped street
9. Reconstruction of the Western Wall plaza
10. The Western Wall tunnel
11. Warren's Gate
12. Reconstruction of the Western Wall north of
Wilson's Arch
13. The end of the tunnel
14. The Antonia Fortress
15. The Struthion Pool
16. The north-west corner of the Antonia
17. The excavations at the south-west corner of
the Temple Mount
18. The Tyropoeon Street
19. The Pier of Robinson's Arch
20. The ascent to the Upper City
21. Pavement at the south-west corner
22. The Trumpeting Stone
23. The Inscription on the Trumpeting Stone
24. Reconstruction drawing of the Trumpeting
25. The south-west corner of the Temple Mount
26. The southern wall - western section
27. The southern wall - eastern section
28. The Temple Mount from the south
29. The monumental stairway to the Double Gate
30. The Double Gate
31. The Double Gate - a close-up of the lintel
32. Reconstruction drawing of the Double Gate
underground passageway.
33. Steps in front of the El Aksa mosque
34. Reconstruction drawing of the interior of the
Royal Stoa
35. Mikveh next to the monumental stairway
36. The buildings between the Double and Triple
37. The Triple Gate and vault
38. The western gate post of the Triple Gate
39. The underground passageway of the Triple
40. The Huldah Gates
41. The Royal Stoa viewed from the north-east
42. Burnt arch next to the Triple Gate
43. The eastern end of the southern wall
44. Reconstruction of the eastern end of the
southern wall
45. The eastern wall near the south-east corner
46. Tower and double gateway in eastern wall
47. Reconstruction of south-east corner
48. The Golden Gate
49. The stairway leading up to the Golden Gate
50. The Golden Gate and the Temple
51. The tower at the north-east corner of the
Temple Mount
52. Reconstruction of the northern end of the
eastern wall
53. The northern face of the tower at the north-
east corner
54. Remains of the southern wall of the Pool of
55. Reconstruction of the Pool of Israel
56. The Antonia Fortress
57. Close-up of the Antonia rockscarp with socket
for beam of the northern portico
58. Reconstruction of the Antonia Fortress
59. Herodian paving stones on the Temple Mount
60. The golden facade of the Temple

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