Explore the world of the Second Temple in this slide set of Alec Garrard's breathtakingly beautiful model, built to a scale of 1:100. The model is located in Suffolk, England, but these slides allow us to walk the courts of the Temple built by Herod the Great. Garrard's model, which was ten years in the making, is based on the historical sources and research up to 1993 of Dr. Leen Ritmeyer, former architect of the Temple Mount excavations. (The latest research is incorporated into the new model portrayed in Slide Set 5. However, this slide set is still a valuable teaching aid, showing detail not possible in a smaller model).

The slides include stunning overviews of the entire Temple Mount and details such as the Court of the Priests, where the animals were prepared for sacrifice, the Golden Vine at the entrance to the Temple and the Eastern Gate. Scenes from the Bible are also brought to life with the help of strategically placed figures made to scale. A choice of text is available in the detailed caption booklet which accompanies the slide set, with the emphasis on either the Jewish or Christian background (please indicate your preference on the order form). Educators and students from as far afield as Sweden and Japan have written enthusiastically about the insights they have gained by using this resource.


1. Alec Garrard - modelmaker
2. A general view from the north-east
3. A general view from the south-west
4. Barclay's Gate
5. Robinson's Arch
6. The South-West corner
7. The Entrance to the Royal Stoa
8. The interior of the Royal Stoa
9. The Eastern End of the Royal Stoa with the Sanhedrin in Session
10. The Royal Stoa from the Temple courts
11. A General View of the Southern Wall from the south-west
12. The Market at the Southern Wall
13. The Double Gate and Monumental Stairway
14. The Ritual Bathhouse and Council House near the Double Gate
15. The Triple Gate
16. The exits of the Double and Triple Gate passageways onto the Temple Courts
17. A general view of the Southern Wall from the south-east
18. A general view of the Eastern Wall from the south-east
19. The Tower at the south-east corner (the "Pinnacle of the Temple")
20. The Eastern Gate
21. The Antonia Fortress
22. The Temple complex
23. The Temple Terrace (Hel)
24. The overthrowing of the tables of the moneychangers
25. The western side of the Temple
26. A view of the underground baths (mikvaot)
27. A frontal view of the Temple, including the Court of the Women
28. A view of the Court of the Women
29. The north-east corner of the Court of the Women
30. A view from the Temple looking east
31. The Court of the Priests
32. A close-up view of the Court of the Priests
33. The Temple Porch
34. The Golden Vine
35. An illumination of the Temple
36. An illumination of the Temple Mount

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