This magnificent model of the Temple built in Jerusalem in the first century has been crafted exclusively for Ritmeyer Archaeological Design. The historical sources and the excavations around the Temple Mount which followed the Six Day War formed the basis for its design. It supersedes other models of the subject in that it also includes the most up-to-the-minute research on the ancient Temple Mount by Dr. Leen Ritmeyer.

The internationally acclaimed firm, York Modelmakers, have handcast King Herod's masterpiece in high quality resin. Measuring 11.5"x7"x1.75", the model is sufficiently detailed to show features such as the Beautiful Gate which led into the Temple Court, the Soreg, or partition wall and the outline of the pre-Herodian Temple Mount. Each feature is handpainted in the soft, glowing colours of the Jerusalem palette. The model rests on an attractive base which bears a small title plaque and the total weight is just under 2 kilos or approx. 4 pounds.

Available for a limited period only, this model will enhance your living-room, desktop and many other settings. Its convenient size makes it an ideal learning tool for small study groups around a table. An explanatory leaflet gives the full background to the turbulent period in which the Second Temple was constructed and describes each detail in the model.

A much larger scale model of Herod's Temple Mount in Jerusalem, measuring approximately 6 by 4 feet (1.87 by 1.17 m.), has been designed by R.A.D. and made by York Modelmakers for an exhibition in Washington D.C., planned for 1998, which afterwards will travel throughout the U.S. Models of practically any size can be ordered through R.A.D. Another model of Herod's Temple itself is at present under construction. This will measure approx. 27.5 by 27.5 inches (70 cm by 70 cm).

Price: $500.00 + $15.00 for airmail

Study Booklet: The Temple and the Rock,

Slide Set 1 Alec Garrard's Model of the Second Temple

Slide Set 2 Jerusalem in 30 AD/CE

Slide Set 3 From Sinai to Sakhra

Slide Set 4 The Archaeology of Herod's Temple Mount

Slide Set 5 Worship and Ritual in Herod's Temple

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