Squeaky Software


Squeaky Software is a small organisation (kind of one man sized) that occasionally produces RISC OS software.

Software (most recent updates first)


  Popcorn is a games creation library for C programmers.


  Hive is a Space Invaders style game that shows off the full capabilities of Popcorn. Full source code is provided.


  A module that provides a timed callback facility similar to the operating system's OS_CallEvery, but with a timing resolution only limited by the hardware in use.

Application accelerator

  A module that provides access to the application accelerator in the Intel 80321 CPU as used in the Iyonix.


  A new old game for RISC OS machines!

Help 2

  A replacement interactive help display application. Help 2 displays interactive help in a pop up window, like the RISC OS 4 style !Help.

Toolbox gadgets

  New toolbox gadgets - TreeView and Tabs.


  A memory allocator as a RISC OS module, for applications to use from any language.


  Andy Southgate's sample playing module, now RISC OS 5 compatible.


  A RISC OS module that provides easy to use file cacheing for applications written to use it.


  A multi user database backend for RISC OS.

Flex and Bison

  Ports of two unix programs to RISC OS.


  Intended for users of Matthew Bloch's Popcorn games library. Spr2Pop converts sprite files into the Popcorn graphics format.


  Displays the picture encoded in "XFace" news and mail headers.


  A freeware program, intended to complement the popular FreeNet suite of internet related programs. FreeCost tells you how much money you have been spending on your internet phone calls.


  This is a simple programming utility, that allows data such as sprites to be embedded in C source code. This reduces the need for data loading at run time, and also the data can benefit from the use of !Squeeze.



TextGadgets Manual

  A StrongHelp reference manual for the TextGadgets module.

GLib Manual

  A StrongHelp reference manual for the GLib library (for writers of Toolbox object modules).

Popcorn Manual

  A StrongHelp reference manual for the Popcorn library.

I don't put my email address on my web pages, to try and avoid being spam harvested. If you want to contact me, details are in the Help files of any of the software.