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DIY Scifi Movie Project Storage Location.
Current Project: Cube 3.

It's a small but ever growing area of the 'net junked together by myself. It contains an ever expanding array of subjects which I find interesting, motivating, funny, weird, surreal, fan-dabby-tastic (!) or just plain cool (to name but a few emotions). It's a popup free zone too!

Even though it started as an area to put my attempts at artwork and cartoons, but has steadily grown to cover such things as online java games, scifi movie projects, retro computer history, surreal short stories, photographs, photo movies, Psycho Nuns!, Philip K Dick, Guns N' Roses, crop circles visit, unidentified images and even awards (spot the tongue in cheek ones).

I'll have none of that 'under construction' negativity and will continue to add content (the What's New section highlights anything new, and general chattyness, along with the Frequently Asked Questions). I hope you find at least something interesting which you can take away with you. And if you do, please sign the guestbook so I know..

Put your feet up, make yourself at home, and feel free to peruse the content. Above all though, enjoy yourself!!

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