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This site supports people with a specific learning difficulty that hinders the learning of literacy skills. It was designed for the young and old, with 410 tasks coming online soon,  ready to support you. Looking for a business sever.




Sound is planed for tasks. I am currently trying to raise the funds to do this!




Brush Up Your English Skills Volumes are computer systems which we have put on web-pages. Some of the structures in these tasks are 1 and 2 or 3 stages, which the users have to complete. The programme volumes are designed around ten tasks, colour co-ordinated with words, users have the option to change word colours, each task having four levels of difficulty. With a wide variety of users in mind, each task is individually designed and well structured in a gaming environment, whereby the users are playing and learning at the same time. The users are tested on each word within the tasks in such a way that the users are not only learning new skills but learning these new skills in a manner that is enjoyable, interesting and with no pressure to the individual or embarrassment.

The Volumes do not discriminate in anyway with regards to age or ability, suitable for adults. The programme comes with a points and timing structure, time spent in tasks, also answer count, in general the user gains confidence over a period of time and will improve their literacy and the below skills.

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                         Benefits from Brush Up Your English Volume One    

              The web-site concentrates on the student's learning in ways described below:

  • Structured - so reading and spelling make sense. 
  • Cumulative - to build up skills gradually.
  • Multi-sensory - using sight, sound and touch.
  • Thorough - over learning to compensate for weak memory.
  • Active - to make it interesting.
  •  Useful -  related to schoolwork.

The web-site structures around the following described below:


Users have to spell a collection of words either within the task or at the end of the tasks by typing the correct answers.


Users have to read the words to play the game and achieve their goals, which are set out within each tasks.


In some tasks the users have to us their memories to recall a group of words ranging from six to twelve words by typing the correct answers.

Keyboard skills

Users have to read the keys of a keyboard to spell the correct words within each task for them to complete it.


A level of concentration is needed by the users for them to complete each task and level.

Reinforced words from dictionaries 

Users are reinforced on each word within every level of that task within the system and colour changes on words.  


This method leads to successful learning and builds up the student's confidence.   Whiteboards : These tasks are also suitable for whiteboards that are used in your class rooms. Allowing you to access the internet and putting your class into groups on a single task, very enjoyable for the children or students.

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