How can I learn Reiki?

Well you can't actually learn Reiki but you can learn how to practise Usui Reiki Ryoho, which utlises Reiki! Practising Reiki Ryoho helps bring your mind and body back into balance and in line with your true nature. Reiki sessions promote relaxation, releasing stress and accelerating the body's own natural healing ability. You will learn how to practise Reiki Ryoho on yourself and others.

Reiki Ryoho is simple to learn but very powerful and versatile in use.

There is a huge increase in popularity of Reiki, as more people experience its wonderful healing qualities, both as a complementary therapy and as a way of personal spiritual development.

I teach Reiki in 3 levels or degrees. Courses are usually held on a Sunday. My usual venue is in Winton, Eccles, Greater Manchester but I am willing to travel to pre-organised venues elsewhere.

I teach small groups or one-to-one. All courses include an illustrated manual and colourful certificate. I aim to teach traditional Reiki Ryoho concepts and techniques, without any New Age add-ins (other than for supplementary information). Please click on the links below for further details on the different courses:

Level 1 – Shoden (First Teachings)
You will learn what Reiki is and what it isn't, where Reiki Ryoho originated and how to practise Reiki Ryoho for the benefit of yourself, friends, family, plants and animals.

Level 2 – Okuden (Inner Teaching).
Here you learn special techniques to enhance your Reiki practice, enabling you to focus Reiki, help with psychological issues and offer Reiki sessions for people who are not physically present. You will also learn various other traditional Japanese Reiki techniques.

Level 3 – Shinpiden (Spirtual Teaching).
You are taught how to initiate other people so they may practice Usui Reiki Ryoho, learn more about the spiritual core and purpose of Reiki practice and receive extensive background information about Reiki history, the symbols and some of the many different styles of Reiki practice.

Japanese Reiki Techniques.
Reiki Ryoho techniques as taught in Japan, since the time of Mikao Usui. This course is for people who are Reiki level 2 and above who have not already been taught the original Japanese Reiki Techniques. It also serves as a great way to update your information about Reiki history and discover more about the Japanese approach to Reiki practice.

I am also available to give introductory talks about Reiki to interested groups.

Please contact me for more details.

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