Kent St Baptist Church
Portsmouth, England

Birth Registers 1730 - 1837

names Q to T

Extracted from Portsmouth City Records Office microfilm
Some details in blue rows are uncertain due to handwriting in original registers and subsequent microfilming.
Please note these are BIRTHS and not baptisms or dedications! Over 800 are listed.







RALFES John Russel William & Ann 1831 23-Mar b. Portsea
RALFS William William & Ann 1817 12-Dec b Portsea
RALFS Clarissa William & Ann 1824 20-Aug b. Portsea
RALFS Julia William & Ann 1824 20-Aug b. Portsea
RALFS Jane William & Ann 1827 21-Nov b. Portsea
RALFS Emily William & Ann 1829 9-Mar b. Portsea
RALFS Lucy Elizabeth Wiliam & Ann 1833 2-Apr b. Portsea
RALFS Ellen William & Ann 1835 21-Jun b. Portsea Town
READING Mary James & Martha 1811 5-Jan b Portsea Town
READING John John & Rebecca 1812 7-Mar b Portsea Town
READING ?? Charles James & Martha 1808 17-Nov b Portsea Town
REED James James & Hannah 1811 30-Sep b Portsea Town
REED James James & hannah 1814 12-Mar b. Portsea Town
REED Eliza James & Hannah 1815 6-Oct b. Portsea Town
REED Hannah James & Hannah 1817 27-Sep b Portsea
REED Hannah James & Hannah 1817 27-Sep b Portsea
REED Josiah James & Hannah 1820 25-Mar b Portsea
RIDOUTT Jean Isaac Ridoutt 1816 14-Oct b. Portsea Town
RIDOUTT Martha Louisa ------? Isaac & Martha 1826 6-May b. Portsea
RIDOUTT George Augustua Frederick Isaac & Martha 1828 30-Dec b. Portsea
RIDOUTT Phebe William & Phebe 1829 13-Dec b. Portsea
RIDOUTT Mary Sarah Isaac & Martha 1831 8-Mar b. Portsea
RIDOUTT Sarah William & Phoebe 1831 5-Nov b. Portsea
RIDOUTT William Henry Isaac & Martha 1833 22-Nov b. Portsea Parish
RIDOUTT Frances William & Phoebe 1833 25-Feb b. Portsea Parish
RIDOUTT Naomi William & Phebe 1834 29-Nov b. Portsea Parish
RIDOUTT Alfred Orange Isaac & Martha 1836 10-Jun b. Portsea Parish
RIDOUTT William William & Phoebe 1836 12-Jul b. Portsea Parish
RIDOUTT Richard William Richard & Elizabeth 1836 25-May b. Portsea Parish
ROBERTS John John & Mary 1818 1-Jan b Portsea
ROBINSON Anne Richard & Hannah 1816 17-Feb b Portsea
ROBINSON Maria Richard & Hannah 1818 14-Jan b Portsea
ROBINSON Richard Thomas & Elizabeth 1821 3-Apr b. Portsea
ROLFE Mary Ellis William & Ann 1819 2-Nov b Portsea
ROLFE Louisa William & Ann 1821 28-Feb b. Portsea
ROLFE Emma William & Ann 1822 15-Sep b. Portsea
RONWELL ? Elizabeth no details 1779 6-Feb  
RONWELL ? William no details 1784 11-Feb  
RONWELL ? George no details 1786 23-Apr  
ROOM Mary Ann John & Mary 1816 24-Dec b. Portsea Town
RUSSEL Mary William & Ann 1817 3-Aug b Portsea
SABINE Samuel Samuel & Ginett ?? 1794 22-Nov b. Portsea
SANDEN ? ??? James William Alexander Robert ----- & ------ Bertland? 1825 21-Oct b. Portsea
SAUNDERS Sarah Rebecca Sarah Rebecca SAUNDERS 1827 29-Feb b. Portsea
SCOTT Elizabeth Samuel & Sarah 1796 21-May b. Portsea
SCOTT Willian Penford Thomas Scott 1808 20-Sep b Gosport
SCOTT Eliza Smith Thomas 1813 12-Sep b Gosport
SCOTT ?? James Samuel & Sarah 1800 21-Oct b. Portsea
SCOTT ??? Mary Ann N----- ?? Thomas 1810 15-Jun b. Gosport
SCOTT ?? Samuel no details 1791 12-Oct no details
SCOTT ?? Samuel Samuel & Sarah 1791 12-Oct b. Portsea Town
SCOTT ?? John Samuel & Sarah 1794 9-Mar b. Portsea
SCOTT ?? Matilda John & Elizabeth 1802 12-Nov b. Portsea
SEALY Samuel Robert & Susanna 1807 5-Mar b Portsea Town
SEALY Samuel Robert & Susanna 1807 15-Jan b Portsea Town
SEALY Ann Robert & Susannah 1809 15-Jan b Portsea Town
SEALY James Robert & Susanna 1811 4-Apr b Portsea Town
SEALY William Robert & Susanna 1813 19-Jun b. Portsea Town
SEARLEY William Robert & Susanna 1818 19-Jun b Portsea
SEARLY Robert Robert & Susanna 1803 22-Jul  
SEARLY Robert Robert & Susanna 1803 22-Jul b. Portsea
SEARLY Joseph Robert & Susanna 1804 11-Nov b. Portsea Town
SECCOMBE Samuel J ----? & Benjamin 1828 6-Jun b. Portsea
SEYMOUR Henry Henry & Elizabeth 1821 15-Aug b. Portsea
SHAWYER Andrew John & Fanny 1798 2-May b. Denmead
SHO---KINGER ?? James Nicholas & Priscilla 1818 2-Oct b Portsea
SHOVELLER Elizabeth John & Susannah 1783 24-Oct  
SHOVELLER John John & Susannah 1796 4-Aug b. Portsea
SIBLEY Elizabeth no details 1806 no details b Portsea Town
SIBLEY Sarah Mary & William 1807 26-Jul b Portsea Town
SIBLEY Sophia Mary & William 1810 14-Jan b Portsea Town
SIBLY Elizabeth Mary & William 1805 6-Jul b. Portsea
SIMMONS William no details 1783 9-Feb b. Portsea Town
SLEMMING Robert William & Elizabeth 1809 16-Oct b. Portsea town (definitely not FLEMMING)
SMITH John Thomas & Mary 1805 11-Aug b. Portsea
SMITH Jane Jane & Stephen 1806 15-Sep b Portsea Town
SMITH William William & Rebecca 1808 22-Feb b Portsea Town
SMITH Elizabeth Thomas & Mary 1808 15-May b Portsea Town
SMITH Charles Jane & Thomas 1809 9-Feb b Portsea Town
SMITH Richard Thomas & Mary 1810 10-Aug b Portsea Town
SMITH George no details 1811 15-Mar b Portsea Town
SMITH Sarah Ann John & Sarah 1811 1-Mar b. Parish of Portsea; 26 June 1837
SMITH Henry William & Rebecca 1812 30-Mar b Portsea Town
SMITH Jane no details 1813 8-Mar b. Portsea Town
SMITH Ann no details 1815 no details b. Portsea Town
SMITH Amy no details 1815 13-Sep b. Portsea Town
SMITH Charlotte Thomas & Elizabeth 1817 28-Nov b Portsea
SMITH Charlotte no details 1817 17-Nov b Portsea
SMITH Harriet no details 1820 24-Mar b Portsea
SMITH Emma   1821    
SMITH Thomas no details 1822 21-May no details
SMITH Elizabeth Jane Thomas & Mary 1831 2-Sep b. Portsea
SMITH James Henry James & Mary 1836 24-Jul b. Portsea Parish
SMITHERS Benjamin no details 1783 23-Jun  
SMITHERS Charles Edward Joseph & Mary 1796 15-Feb b. Portsea
SMITHERS Lydia Gittens ? Charles Edward & Emily 1835 27-Aug b. Portsea Parish
SMITHERS Benjamin Charles Edward & Emily 1836 21-Oct b. Portsea Parish
SMYTH Mary William & Rebecca 1809 24-Sep b Portsea Town
SMYTH Ann William & Rebecca 1814 13-May b. Portsea Town
SMYTH Sarah William & Rebecca 1815 21-Dec b. Portsea Town
SMYTH Smyth William & Rebecca 1817 24-Nov b Portsea
SMYTH Louisa Willaim & Rebecca 1819 17-Oct b Portsea
SMYTH Rebecca William & Rebecca 1821 27-Sep b. Portsea
SMYTH George William & Rebecca 1823 29-Nov b. Portsea
SMYTH Samuel William & Rebecca 1825 24-Jun b. Portsea
SMYTH Peter Alfred William & Rebecca 1827 24-Dec b. Portsea
SMYTH Isaiah William & Rebecca 1830 10-Jan b. Portsea
SOMERVILLE Ann George & Mary 1805 3-Oct b. Portsea
SOMERVILLE George William Samuel George & Mary 1807 27-May b Portsea Town
SOMERVILLE Amelia George & Mary 1811 10 or 20 Dec b Portsea Town
SOMERVILLE Sarah Jane George & mary 1813 27-Jun b. Portsea Town
SOMERVILLE Lidia George & Mary 1815 17-Aug b. Portsea Town
SOMERVILLE Mary George & Mary 1817 21-Aug b Portsea
SOMERVILLE William George & Mary 1819 22-Feb b Portsea
SOMERVILLE Nathaniel George & Mary 1820 27-Dec b. Portsea
SPASHATT Mary no details 1754 24-Oct  
SPASHATT Benjamin no details 1760 17-Sep  
SPASHATT Jane no details 1763 22-Dec  
SPASHATT Samuel no details 1765 13-Nov  
SPASHATT Joseph no details 1768 6-May  
SPASHATT Mary no details 1769 9-Oct  
SPASHATT William no details 1772 9-May  
SPRACK? Eliza William & Rebecca 1815 19-Nov b. Portsea Town
STEARS Isaac Isaac & Mary 1783 12-Nov  
STEARS John Isaac & Mary 1785 31-Jan  
STEER? Robert Robert & Mary Ann 1815 26-Jan b. Portsea Town
STEPHENS Jane Thomson John Mortimer & Jane Stephens 1807 17-Nov b Portsea Town
STEPHENS Mary Ann John Mortimer & Jane Stephens 1809 2-Sep b Portsea Town
STEPHENS Emma John Mortimer & Jane Stephens 1811 29-Jul b Portsea Town
STEVENS William no details 1798 5-May b. Portsea
STEVENS Jonah No details 1801 10-Aug b. Portsea
STEVENS Martha no details 1803 30-Aug b. Portsea
STEWARD William William & Mary 1800 15-Sep b. Portsea
STEWARD Sarah William & Mary 1806 16-Apr b Portsea Town
STEWARD John William & Mary 1808 3-Aug b.Gosport
STEWARD John no details 1808 3-Aug b Gosport
STEWARD Isaac William & Mary 1810 27-Nov b. Gosport
STEWARD George Kn---oit--? no details 1812 15-Oct b Gosport
STOCKER Edward no details 1764 13-Mar  
STOCKER James no details 1769 19-Dec  
STOCKER Willaim no details 1773 24-Jul  
STOCKMAN George Ellyott George & Anne 1833 18-May b. Portsea
STOCKMAN Walter Digance George & Ann 1835 3-Dec b. Portsea Town
STONELAKE ? James Shapley William & sarah 1817 1-May b Portsea
STONELAKE ? Susanna Shapley William & Sarah 1819 5-Sep b Portsea
STORY ? Samuel Benjamin & Elizabeth 1833 21-Oct b. Portsea Parish
TEALL James Samuel & Elizabeth 1787 27-Apr b. Portsea Town
TEALL Sarah Samuel & Elizabeth 1787 27-Apr  
THOMPSON Martha John & Sarah 1803 10-Jul b. Portsea
THOMSON John Shepherd John & Sarah 1805 2-Sep b. Portsea
THOMSON Jane Benjamin & Elizabeth 1806 3-Mar b Portsea Town
THOMSON Sophia Marie Benjamin & Sophia 1807 22-Sep b Portsea Town
THOMSON Henry John & Sarah 1807 30-Dec b Portsmouth
THOMSON Jane Benjamin & Elizabeth 1809 15-Jul b Portsea Town
THOMSON Archibald John & Sarajh 1810 28-Aug b. Portsmouth
THOMSON Elizabeth Maria Benjamin & Elizabeth 1814 17-May b. Portsea Town
THOMSON Amilia John & Sarah 1815 28-Jul b. Portsmouth
THOMSON Benjamin Benjamin & sarah 1816 no details b. Portsea Town
THORN Ann Louisa John B--- & Mary Ann Thorn 1803 16-Aug b. Portsea
THORN John Bufnell ? John Bufnell & Mary Ann Thorn 1809 30-Jan b Portsea Town
THORNE Edith Basnett ?? John Basnett & Mary Ann Thorn 1805 22-Jun b. Portsea
THORNE Mary Ann John B Thorne & Mary Ann 1812 5-Feb b Portsea Town
TILLY Charlotte Thomas & Hannah 1805 17-Jan b. Portsea
TILLY George Thomas & Hannah 1806 4-Feb b Portsea Town
TILLY Sarah Thomas & Hannah 1808 3-Feb  
TILLY George George & Elizabeth 1809 30-Jul b Portsea Town
TILLY Mary George & Elizabeth 1810 22-Sep b Portsea Town
TILLY Jabez George & Elizabeth 1811 23-Dec b Portsea Town
TILLY William Corby George & Elizabeth 1813 8-Dec b. Portsea Town
TILLY Josiah George & Elizabeth 1815 1-Nov b. Portsea Town
TILLY Ann George & Elizabeth 1816 26-Oct b Portsea
TILLY Louisa George & Elizabeth 1819 19-Jul b Portsea
TILLY Emily George & Elizabeth 1821 9-May b. Portsea
TILLY Edward George & Elizabeth 1824 18-Apr b. Portsea
TILLY Elizabeth George & Elizabeth 1828 17-May b. Portsea
TINMAN George George & Elizabeth 1801 19-Feb b. Portsea
TINMAN James George & Elizabeth 1804 16-Jan b. Portsea Town
TR----N Mary William & Elizabeth 1807 23-Jan b Portsea Town
TYER Samuel Samuel & Eliza 1836 27-Nov b. Portsea Parish

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