This is one of forty badgers being held at Secret World.
At Secret World, there are a number of pens which have been especially constructed for badgers. Instinctively, young badgers will dig into the earth making many tunnels, these lead into chambers where they live until they are released back into the wild..
The pens have to be escape proof and, because of their digging habits, the wire fencing has to be extended under ground. Badgers can climb too, so the fencing has to be extended at the top and bent inwards into the enclosure.
 The young badgers are kept in family groups and placed in these enclosures where no further human contact is made. Food and water is provided each day.

No, this is not a new species of badger. This is 'Ozzy the Otter', another rescued animal held at the centre.
He has a mischievous look in his eye because he is just about to pull the plug out - he does this when he's had enough.
The swim in the bath is a daily routine.
Later, when he is a little older, he will join another otter and they will be released together.