Key Words: Casualties aircraft lost Bomber command RAF. 8 United States Army Air Force. world war 2. strategic air offensive

        An Independent Paper


        Aspects of the Combined British and American  Strategic Air Offensive against Germany 1939 to 1945.

Including an assessment of RAF Bomber Command and the 8th & 9th US Army Air Forces’ Casualties and Losses in World War II.


Michael Varley


subsequently extensively revised.


2.   Available Statistics

3. Number of aircrew who served in Bomber Command
4.   Total Casualties (Bomber Command)
5.   The Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR)
6.   Bomber Command Casualties by nationality

7.   Casualties by crew category
8.   Average Probability of Survival over the whole war, 1939-45.
9.   Casualties by period
10. Casualties in Other RAF Commands
11. Total Sorties Flown and Aircraft Losses
12. Loss Rate, A Measure of Risk
13. The Operational Tour of Duty
14. Theoretical Mathematical Relationship Between Loss Rate and Surviving a Tour of Duty
15. Theoretical probability of completing a 30 Operation Tour of Duty carried out over  6 month at different periods
16. Analysis's of Survival Probability over shorter periods, Lancaster v. Halifax
17. Operation Pointblank
18. RAF Striking Power Availble

19. Average Bomb Load per Aircraft
20. Total Weight of Bombs Dropped by Bomber Command, (tons of 2240 lbs)
21. The 8 & 9 US Army Air Forces Effort against Germany
22. Tonnage of Bombs Dropped by 8 & 9 USAAF  (in tons of 2240 lbs
23. Combined RAF & USAAF Bombing Effort
24. Fatal Casualties 8 & 9 USAAF
25. Number of Sorties and Bomber losses, 8 & 9 USAAF

26. Some Differences between Bomber Command and 8 & 9 USAAF Operations
1.   Introduction
27. Bombing and its effect on the enemy - Some thoughts

1. Introduction

On the 21st January 1943 a Strategic Air Offensive against Germany, was agreed to at the Casablanca Conference under the code name “Pointblank”, as a combined British and American operation to be carried out from from bases in the United Kingdom.

.The aim of this paper is to provide background information and broadly analyse the the casualties, losses and tonnage of bombs dropped by both "Bomber Command", Royal Air Force (RAF) and the 8th & 9th United States Army Air Forces ( US AAF) in the strategic air operations in Europe against Germany during World War II. Most of the relevant statistical information is seldom presented asc........................................................

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