The Gladiator Pits

In March 2000, Erwin Andreasen made a post to The Mud Connector with the first ideas for a contest - to see who could construct the best mud in 16K or less of source code. He later tidied up the rules and gathered a group of judges, all of whom had considerable mudding experience. I decided to take part in this contest, and this mud is my competition entry.

The Gladiator Pits is a player-vs-player deathmatch game set in a fictional fighting arena. Players are given a number of points which they can use to customise their characters before engaging in one-on-one fights against other characters.

  • View the glad.txt document.
  • View the glad.c source code file.
  • View the commands.c source code file.

  • Download a tidied up version, compressed as glad.tgz.

  • Download an obfuscated (joke) version, compressed as jokeglad.c.

    GLAD 2.0

    After much work, Glad 2.0a is now available for download! You can read more about it here.